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Using the protocol handler ftp

XSS Attack Methods • Chapter 5 203

Q: How many URL’s can be tested in the various history stealing hacks?

A: In the JavaScript/CSS History hack, according to some benchmarking, two to three thousand URL’s can be tested in under 2 seconds, which is imperceptible to the user. It’s theoretically possible that many URL’s can be streamed in silently in the background.

Q: Some users turn off JavaScript. Do you really need their NAT’ed IP address to carry out Intranet attacks?

A: No.According to RFC 1918, non-routable IP addresses are well documented and most home broadband users are using or ranges so educated guesses

A: No.The same-origin policy in the browser will prevent that behavior unless a second stage XSS attack is leveraged.

Q: Will solutions such as multi-factor authentication, SSL, custom images, virtual keyboards, takedown services, and the like prevent this style of attack?

Stealing Search Engine Queries

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using the protocol handler ftp
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