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Valid Foreign Key? Homework Answers Needed

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4506 Tony Stark 37

DegreeCode Concentration Type

Contains repeated values

Contains NULL values

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

DegreeCode Concentration Type

37 Anthropology MA

5070 Diana Prince 37

2131 Ororo Munroe 41

Contains NULL values: Based on the provided information, there are no NULL values in the DegreeCode column of the Applicant table. All applicants have a DegreeCode assigned.

All non-NULL values match some primary key value: Yes, all non-NULL values in the DegreeCode column of the Applicant table match primary key values in the Degree table. DegreeCode 37 corresponds to "Anthropology MA," DegreeCode 41 corresponds to "Library Science M.S," and DegreeCode 68 corresponds to "Visual Arts Ph.D" in the Degree table.

In this scenario, DegreeCode in the Applicant table meets both criteria:

It contains values that match the primary key values in the Degree table (37, 41, and 68).

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valid foreign key homework answers needed
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