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When applied buck-boost and cuk the topology

I have the following questions regarding the simulations you had sent me,

1. Why have you applied the transfer functions and their corresponding calculation in the converters. And why have you applied it on the Irradiance?

6. What was the significance and calculations of the transfer functions on the output of the buck converter?

I have a lot of practice with buck in the real life. I only changed values intuitively to have some ripples of current and voltage that satisfy me. That's why I have any calculation and TF.

These are the queries I request as soon as possible and  if you would be able to provide me the calculations and general operation of the simulations. I would be happy if you would provide me as much as answers you can for these queries as soon as possible.

With my remarks

3 –Buck converter with LC output-filter

4 – Main scope (u out (t), I out (t), u in (t), I in (t), p in (t))

7- Saturation and PWM converter – convert level from 0 to 1 to pulse sequence with constant period (freq) but various ton/toff.

ton / T we call Duty. And write “D”.

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when applied buckboost and cuk the topology
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