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Which declared friend class the artneuron class

C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic:Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART)

value 1 in the phase of determining the activations of the neurons in the F2 layer and 0 if either there is no input vector or output from the F2 layer is propagated to the F1 layer.

A Header File for the C++ Program for the ART1 Model Network

The header file for the C++ program for the ART1 model network is art1net.hpp. It contains the declarations for two classes, an artneuron class for neurons in the ART1 model, and a network class, which is declared as a friend class in the artneuron class. Functions declared in the network class include one to do the iterations for the network operation, finding the winner in a given iteration, and one to inquire if reset is needed.

artneuron() { };
void getnrn(int,int,int,char *);

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which declared friend class the artneuron class
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