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Which subject the same energy fluxes the leaf

770 36 Thermography to Measure Water Relations of Plant Leaves

The transfer velocity kheat can be defined as the ratio of the diffusion coefficient D to the diffusion length ∆x:

kheat = −Dx (36.11)

jwv = −Dwvx = kwvcwv

cwv is the difference between water vapor concentrations inside the leaf and in the surrounding turbulent air. The concentrations can be ex-pressed as relative humidities (fractions of the water vapor saturation concentration at the given temperature):

Equation (36.2) can now be expressed by the individual contributing terms:


j 2αleaf
T 4
A leaf dt
= solin + IR surr


+2kleaf heatρ cp (Tair − Tleaf) + kwv λ cwv (hleaf − hair)




j 2αref
T 4 ) 2kref ρ c(T T)
A ref dt
= solin + IR surr ref +
If both the leaf and the object are in the same environment, Tair and Tsurr can be considered equal in both equations and, therefore, one of these temperatures can be eliminated to obtain one single equation. If this is done for T4 surr, we get

+ 2αleaf IRσT4 ref− T 4 leaf�+ 2ρcpkleaf heat−αleaf αref IR IRkref heat�Tair

+ 2ρcpαleaf αref IR IRkref heatTref − kleaf heatTleaf�+ jlat

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which subject the same energy fluxes the leaf
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