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Wind turns wire plastic straw and place the reed switch inside


This simple circuit will allow you to tape-record a conversation from a phone line. It must be placed between the plug on the wall and the phone.

The easiest way is to cut an extension lead. Wind 300-500 turns of 0.095mm wire on a plastic straw and place the reed switch inside. Start with 300 turns and see if the reed switch activates, Keep adding turns until the switch is reliable.

The 1SS86 is a Silicon Schottky Barrier Diode for UHF circuits and is 100 times more sensitive than a 1N4148 signal diode. Many of the "clone" 1SS86 diodes (fake or really another type of diode) sold on eBay NOT NOT WORK. The characteristics of the 1SSS86 are really amazing.

This is an ideal circuit to test different diodes.

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wind turns wire plastic straw and place the reed s
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