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Wireshark Kali Packet Capture Troubleshooting Answer

Your question:

So here is my setup

- Desktop booting a live version of Kali from a USB drive

I see everything from the machine I am on and I see some things coming from the router.

From my understanding this is indicative of running in Monitor mode. However, that's not what the settings are telling me and I know for a fact this antenna can work in promiscuous mode. Am I missing something?

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

Look for the wireless interface you are using (e.g., wlan0) and check the "Mode" field. It should say "Monitor" if you are in monitor mode and "Managed" or "Promiscuous" if you are in promiscuous mode.

  1. Enable Monitor Mode: If you find that you are not in monitor mode, you can enable it using the airmon-ng tool. Run the following commands to enable monitor mode:

  1. Adjust Wireshark Filters: By default, Wireshark filters out some packets to reduce the amount of captured data. Make sure you haven't applied any filters that may limit what you see. Check the display filter in Wireshark to ensure it's not set to a specific protocol or IP address.

  2. Channel Selection: Make sure you are monitoring the correct channel. If your home network is on a specific channel, configure your wireless interface to monitor that channel:

  1. Signal Strength: Check the signal strength of your wireless network. If your antenna's signal is weak, it may not capture packets from devices that are far away.

  2. Check for Interference: Nearby electronic devices and networks can cause interference, reducing the effectiveness of your packet capture. Try changing your location or adjusting the antenna's position to minimize interference.

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wlan and check the mode field
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