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Extending APEX

9. Run the form and see what happens if you change a salary by more than 10 percent.

Items can be identified by an ID or a name, and you can get or set the value of items with the jQuery function $("#ITEM").val(), in the following manner:

Variable = $("#P18_ID").val();

Or, use the following prior to APEX 4:

document.getElementById(id).value = 5000;

There's more...

Until APEX 4.0, using Ajax in your web page required advanced programming with JavaScript.

But since APEX 4.0, it is a lot easier to use AJAX with the help of dynamic actions. We will make a page with a tag cloud and a region where you can see the news articles. When you click on a tag in the tag cloud, APEX will show the articles that are related to the selected tag. This information is an AJAX call and is implemented using a dynamic action.

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