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You use the controlfile autobackup feature oracle


Chapter 18

Backup and Restore Using Export and Import

Every database administrator (DBA) uses Oracle export and import command-line utilities. The goal of this chapter is to provide best practices for running export and import in order to get the best out of both tools in terms of functionality and perfor-mance. Export and import both have some exciting new features for Oracle9i that make the tools much more powerful. For example, export to a point in time is sup-ported through Oracle9i Flashback Query (covered in Chapter 17) and the resumable space allocation features of Oracle9i (refer to Chapter 6) enable import to suspend, rather than abort, when a space shortage exists. Best performance has always been a key requirement for both import and export. In the past there’s been a shortage of information on which factors affect import performance, and this chapter aims to rem-edy that, based on a quantitative analysis.

■■ Exporting to a point in time using Oracle9i Flashback Query

■■ Maximizing export performance using direct path


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you use the controlfile autobackup feature oracle
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