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Zlib and bzip the default

Configuring RMAN 127

Configuring Retention Policies

To disable the retention policy, use the CONFIGURE command with the RETENTION POLICY TO NONE keywords, as shown here:

RMAN> configure retention policy to none;

for well-packed databases.

In these cases, you will want to take advantage of actual backup set compression.

To actually perform a backup with compression, you will need to configure the default

device type to use compression, or you will have to use the AS COMPRESSED keyword when issuing the BACKUP command. Here is an example of configuring the default device type to use compression:

128 Chapter 3 ■ Configuring and Backing Up Oracle Databases Using RMAN

The hidden Talents of Compression

less disk I/O associated with the backup . This can result in reduced backup times, and the

backups may have less impact on the overall system .

For example, if you wanted to configure encryption for the entire database, you would use the following commands:

RMAN> configure encryption algorithm "AES128"; RMAN> configure encryption for database on;

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zlib and bzip the default
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