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It was business as normal for everyone but Albert Einstein on January 29, 1931. On that day, the world’s two most premier physicists, Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble, were chauffeured up the zigzagging dirt road to the observatory where the largest telescope of the world resided. Back in the days, Albert Einstein’s predictions had already hinted that the universe was an ever-expanding space. However, it was all yet to be proved. In 1924, the 100 inched Mirrors of the Telescope validated the theory that ours was not the only galaxy in the universe. 5 years later though, after tracking the movements of floating disks in the universe, they concluded that the cosmos was indeed expanding at a rapid rate.

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Discussing Essential Concepts of Cosmology and Relativity

Cosmology is a science branching from the field of astronomy. It specifically deals with finding evidence of the origin and evolution of the universe. Ever heard of The Big Bang? No, not the Tv series, but the event that gave birth to everything in the universe. There are numerous theories wrapped around it. For example, The Big Bang is often accompanied by The Big Crunch, or The Big Chill, denoting the start and end of the universe.

Nasa defines Cosmology as studying the properties of the macro and micro-scaled phenomenons in the universe.

Just like students Puzzle over finding the best Cosmology assignment help, the physicists puzzle over exotic subjects like string theory, Anti-matter, dark energy, and the multiverse. Technically, cosmology spans the entire universe and aims to unveil the hidden mysteries in deep space.

The Simplest Explanation of The Theory of Relativity

Relativity and cosmology online experts have brought this below-mentioned knowledge to you. Read further to understand more about the Theory of Relativity.

Einstein’s theory states that the laws of the universe work the same for all the non-accelerated observers. Additionally, the speed of light in the vacuum is independent of acceleration or the motion of observers. This meant, that even if an object accelerates for an infinite amount of time, it would never be able to cross the speed of light in vacuum as the speed of light is independent for some reason.

However, the theory mentioned above is known as the Special Theory of Relativity. Einstein further spent 10 years studying the universe, to come with the Theory of General Relativity. The theory of general relativity discusses the forces like Gravity, time, and space in relation. It also attempts to explain why accelerating objects can never cross the speed of light and why nuclear reactions release energy capped by the value of the speed of light.

Time Dilation and Length Contraction: The Two Subtheories of Relativity

To explain the phenomenon discussed by The General Theory of Relativity, Einstein broke down the Theory in multiple sub-concepts like Time-Dilation, Length Contraction, Reference Frames, and Dark Expansion.

What is Time Dilation?

Time dilation is the difference between the time measured by two clocks. The difference in time arises either due to a high relative velocity with each other or due to a difference in Gravitational potential difference.

In theory, Time dilation can also be referred to as the relative slowing down or pacing up of time according to the difference in relative velocity or gravitational potential of two objects.

Length Contraction

Length contraction advocates that an object in relative acceleration would always be measured shorter than it’s the original length at relative rest. However, it should be noted that the length of the object contracts only in the direction of the motion. For every-day objects at standard speeds, the effect is negligible and can be easily ignored during any calculations.

The Phenomenon of Time dilations and Length Contraction Only become significant enough, when a body approaches the speed of light.

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