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CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing Assessment Answer

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Waterproofing refers to the protection against water. There are many incidents where water tends to leak from various holes and pores. Thus, to make it water-resistant, the process of waterproofing is used. Water is necessary for life but it tends to spoil some article and item. Therefore, protection is necessary against the water to prevent it from spoilage. Water-resistant doesn’t allow the water to leak through different pores. Another term relevant to waterproofing is damp-proof where techniques and methods have been used the protect the humidity. Traditionally tar or pitch was used to protect dampness and water but now, the waterproof coating is used. They are frequently used in waterproofing any metal or steel item. Applying water repellent coating or sealing the area with the o-rings. Waterproofing is majorly done for the construction of residents and buildings. Generally, the ceiling of the building tends to leak and become damp due to various reasons. In construction, waterproofing is done for various purposes. It is one of the fundamental processes in the construction of the building. The process is mention in the Thermal and moisture protection. It helps to create an envelope outside the building. Waterproofing in a building helps in maintaining the inside environment. The construction of the building is done in such a way that every component of the building must be water-resistant including ceiling, foundation, covering material. Roofs of the building are generally designed as water-resistant and sliding is being made which helps in water-shedding but the construction of the roof must be protected with the snow and ice damping. Verticals walls cannot stand water the water-resistant house wraps are designed to offer moisture absorption. A is also very sufficient in offering water resistance.


The qualification refers to the construction of the building with the aid of waterproof methods. The study helps to meet the need for waterproof activities for household chores and professional building. The qualification has 19 subjects for competency which have 14 units for fundamental studies and 5 are elective units. For the competition of the course CPC31420- Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing, the candidate must choose 5 units from the subject stated below in subjective order and two units from the elective list, and three units must be picked up from the training package offered to contribute it to the qualification



Take forward the task of measurement and calculations


Read the instruction and carry out the plans and specification


Apply WHS requirements and standards, polices


Take care of the water proof material and use them correctly


Build surfaces for the predation for the water preparation


Start the water proofing process to below ground level wet areas


Usage of waterproof method at internal wet areas of the building or the resident’s


Make use of the methods of the waterproofing at the aboveground /external level


Construction water proofing


Look for the business opportunities


Waterproof construction


The course enables to offer the individual all the positive aspects of waterproofing. This is a course which is designed to offer all the methods and skills which would help the individual to perform better in the reality. There are various methods through which a candidate can perform the task of waterproofing. The waterproofing is meant to offer water resistance to buildings and other articles. Water is essential; for life but is a disruptive source for some articles. There have been cases where the ceiling or rooftop tends to leak water during the time of rain or snow. Therefore, at the time of the construction, important and effective steps must be taken so that waterproofing can be implemented. Previously, there were various materials like tar were used for enhancing the skill. But with technology, many workers have started to use waterproof coating and different methods. Now, various methods are available which can be done by the normal person too. The course is especially for the candidates who are involved in the field of waterproofing. Various arrangements are being made for the candidates so that they can learn the activities and methods effectively. The teachers present here are trained very well and know the art of teaching. Students can ask for assistance at any hour of the day. There are enormous activities which can be done during the course. The activities have been introduced in the qualification which enhances the elective skills of the candidate. The activities offer fun and skill at the same time. The previous student who has completed this course claimed that the activities were pretty interesting to build the skill in the individual. You can opt for different elective units of your choice and continue to study them. The qualification of the course also involves internship which would help to provide benefit in external experience. Formal and foundational education would be provided in the classroom.

Additionally, as per the records, this advances the circumstance with work after this course of placement. Around 56% of the candidate were able to hold the position. Join the course today to build a career in waterproofing. Grab the offer soon for an extra discount.

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