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Core correctional Practices is a role that is dedicated to prison activities. This course is designed to promote the environment of the prison. It is an evidence-based approach that works on treating the offenders in the right manner. It is designed to enhance the quality of services at the prison. The study allows improving the relationship between the investigator and the offenders. The course also teaches the offenders and individuals to learn about various aspects and aim at productivity. It includes a survey and feedback method which helps the staff of the prison to under better about the inmate persecution and the number of tasks and activities that can be provided which would be beneficial to the core correctional practices. It is a good way to examine the relationship between both the parties and it makes the prisoners preparedness to evaluate using two or more methods. The course helps to find the different methods and ways that would help them to enhance the workplace environment. Such courses help the candidate to learn various skills. In criminal cases, the term corrections relevant to the jail or prison where offenders are being sent in charge of the crime. These correctional prisons are being generated by the government in charge of punishment, offense, and they take the charge of the person. They offer the necessary punishment, treatment, and supervision to such offenders. The function of the prison revolves around court trials, parole, life imprisonment, and probation the correctional system is a larger part of the judiciary system of the nation and includes courts, police, and prosecution. Every correctional system is known by a different name and has a different purpose decided by the terms of policies. The judiciary system consists of many parts and sub-parts which helps the judge to decide the innocence of the offenders. The criminal justice system sets some trial dates for the offenders for which they are being called and given a chance to prove their innocence with evidence. In fact, in some judiciary systems, the government also offers lawyers who are not able to afford one. And if the victim is found guilty, he has to face the charges. There is various type of charges such as life imprisonment, death sentence, monetary charge and many more.

The course of correction will allow the candidate to learn about the various aspect of the judiciary system. The candidate will learn about the law system, theories, policies, programs, and practices of the court. It is a practice and the training will allow the candidate to understand the experience of offenders. They are in charge of supervision and they look after them their activities.


The course is beneficial to the candidate who works in the governmental agencies and the course helps to build various methods to enhance the relationship and correction methods to the offenders. It is training that enables the individual into professional. There are enormous benefits of the course that one should have by joining this course. Around 89% of the candidate got placement last year, the course guarantees you to make you apt in the correctional practice. The correction practice is one of the suitable careers that one must opt for. It is one of the very apt courses with tons of scholarships and awards are given during the time of excellence. This is the golden opportunity to learn about the country's laws and system. There is the more advanced version of qualifications is available but one needs to be consistent to choose them. Learn about the correction practices that are adopted in the prison and get a chance to be a supervisor at the correction system. The scope is wide and long-lasting. The number of opportunities waits after the competition of the course.



BSBLDR402Maintain good reputation at   workplace and enhance relationship

CSCORG008 Collect all the necessary report complex information

CSCORG028 Work effectively and try to work with more and diverse people

CSCSAS020 Take safety measures

BSBWHS201 Ensure and maintain health and safety of self and others

BSBWHS301 It is a responsibility to maintain workplace safety

CSCWHS002 Take care of the occupational health and safety practices

CHCCSM005 Analyse and evaluate aspects of case management

CSCOFM010Support victims and try to enhance and promote relationship at prison

CSCOFM015 Make use of the new approaches in helping victims

CSCOFM018 Provide guidance and counsel

CSCDOG001 Take care of the dogs for security purposes

CSCDOG002 Take care of the dogs and maintain their welfare. Safety measures must be taken while handling the dog

CSCDOG005 Train dogs to help in investigation purposes

CSCDOG006 Train dogs for various purposes and control

CSCDOG007 Train dogs in for advance purposes

PUALAW001 Collect the reports of the incident

CHCCCS014 Make deep and through intervention

CHCCSM005 Identify and study of the through case management

CHCDFV001 Identification of the family violence

CHCMHS001 Offer assistance with mental health issues

CSCDOG003 Make use with dogs for investigation purposes

CSCDOG004 Section of the dogs

CSCINT001 Take the charge of the behaviour change

CSCINT002 Take it as a responsibility to work for the victim in change behaviour

CSCINT003 Help victims to avoid the addiction of drug and alcohol use

CSCINT004 assess offender risks and needs

CSCINT005 Community work should be promoted

CSCOFM003 Maintain the health, safety and take care of the requirements of the offenders

CSCOFM004 Ensure the safety of the victim in tough circumstances

CSCOFM017 Help in the community work

CSCOFM019 Try to manage tough situations

CSCOFM026 Ensure the safety of the management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders

CSCOFM028 Support in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

CSCOFM030 Support the correction practices and understand their problem as well and reintegration in the community

CSCORG004 A proper with a accurate format, reports should be made and submitted to the justice agencies

CSCORG005 Make interviews with the offenders to know them better

PUALAW001 Collect and save the data for futuristic outcomes

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