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CUA30220 Certificate III in Community Dance and Theatre and Events Assessment Answer

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Events are the set of programs which take place from a set of audient. Events include various types of performances, amusement, joy and fun, drama, dance, and hosting. The event can have several things and the task can vary from one event to another. There is a huge responsibility on the head of the event manager because he tends to manage everything in one go. He looks after the functioning of every part of the event, every performance, volunteers, food outlets, and the entertainment department. He is solely responsible and answerable for the dysfunctionality in an event. Events can have many types of performances. Some events are meant to be for business purposes and some are meant for enjoyment some events are solely dedicated towards entertainment which includes drama and dancing. Such events are hard to manage as it holds a lot of responsibilities including calling every performer and ask for confirmation, booking food outlets, collecting volunteers and distributing various responsibilities to them. Making a script and auditioning the host. There is a lot of work which demands by an event. CUA30220- Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre, and Event help the student to enhance their skills which are required in event management. The course enables the candidate to improve leadership qualities which would help them to manage volunteers and task aligning, team spirit, hard-working. The qualification will also take care of the enrooting communication skills. It is one of the very important skills for the people in this people because a lot of interaction takes place. Planning management is being taught to the student because good planning is one of the main reasons behind a successful event. While planning the event, make sure to create programs that can be remembered for a longer time by the audience. Bring something which would be unique and relatable to the targeted audience's life. Make sure to maintain the budget. DO not cross the budget to bring something not worthy. Make goals and try to accomplish them through the programs set in events. Dance is one of the main sources of entertainment and it is considered one of the best sources of joy. There are many types of dance that can be a part of the event. Another mode of entertainment is the theatre. Theatre involves the number of people who act out a certain script and ending up with moral issues. Practices and targeted audiences must be there. The course is very effective in dealing with the management task. The course will train the individual to work in a team. Various dancing and their events will be asked to manage. Practical knowledge would be provided for better working in the real life. Candidates have a chance to choose the skills in which they are comfortable. To develop a special event, the candidate must organize the team, set the dates, confirm the performers, book the venue, brand the vent by calling some sponsors, and most importantly, it is important to set the goals. There are core and elective units which will help you to guide form study and practical experience. The course offers a practical experience which allows the candidate to understand the sole working of different events.


An event is a set of tasks and performances that happens for the audience and they tend to last longer in terms of memory. The course is sufficient in teaching candidates about te ave profit. There are many types of events that take place for different purposes and there are 4 main types of events. Events can be categorized into four main was and these are local events, emerging events, expanding events, and high impact events. Events are the important part of the human life because it allows several people to interact and enjoy a ta a single place. The event manager is required to interact and engage with the organizers and the audience. He is one of the significant personalities because he holds the responsibility to bring everything on track. The event manager must bring satisfaction by his work and result in profit and successfully staging an event. The successful l event is one of those which helps the audience to enjoy and give the last long in terms of memory. The course is sufficient in teaching candidates about management. The course will make learn the student about every aspect of the training. The practical training and working as a volunteer will also them to understand working as a worker. Time management and meeting the deadline is one of the man tasks to handle. Government offers scholarships and the certificate for the financially weak student. There are many positive outcomes that we have received from the previous batch from the course of CUA30220- Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre, and Events. The course is supported by the qualification department of Australia. The course and qualification follow the regulation of the studies.


The course helps to build a career for the individual who works in a variety of workplaces and can handle the performances and manages the event. There is no extra work required for admission. No license, documentation. Qualification. There are 13 units with 5 core units and 8 elective units.




Try to maintain diversity and work effectively


Support community resource


Try to work effectively


Plan all the sources and career


Maintain the relations with aboriginal community


Follow the regulations given by aboriginal


Organise workplace


We provide every kind of assistance to the student through the mode of call and text. The course and qualification offer a discount from time to time, and there are scholarships attached to it. Qualification is made to be very affordable. To know more about the core of the course, you can reach us or go on the websites given below.

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