Cyber Security Assignment Help

Cyber Security Assignment Help

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Information security or cyber security generally get consists of some major set of effective rules, as well as major policies that are generally getting used to secure all confidential, as well as the major sensitive information, as the security system is being effectively get used to minimize all the major risks, and after that being effective to get assure that the business continuity is properly get maintained through getting making sure that the breach of the security could not get occur properly. Network security is generally get referred to as the vast, and effective way to easily get keeping the secured data up-to-date. The assessment would effectively at firstly get receive the tests to effectively get ensure for the major ability so that no any malware generally sneaks into the network, and then steals the major sensitive desired, and particular information. If the user gets effectively finds this task more complex, then they can effectively take the help, and support from Assignment Hippo.

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An effective Aura of Security generally comes while properly get protecting something from several other main external forces. Cyber security effectively get covers the details of every basic that effectively get permit the user to keep all information of the computer system so secured. The term cyber security simply means to effectively get protecting the network, and the data source against any of the outsider forces data source who are continuously going to enter in the data source, and the networks. A data is effectively get considered as the important entity as this is due to the reason that, it could be simply taken as a major advantage in the forms of several frauds data source, as effectively get preserving out all such data sources, which mainly get worries about some effective assessments, and this is the required place at where the various assignments of Cyber security related major services have been effectively coming into play.

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{`Task Summary
You are required to write a 1500 words Threat modelling report in response to a case scenario by identifying the 
threat types and key factors involved. This assessment is intended to build your fundamental understanding of 
these key threats so that you will be able to respond/mitigate those factors in Assessment 3. In doing so, this
 assessment will informatively develop the knowledge required for you to complete Assessment 3 successfully.


Security threat modelling or threat modelling is a process of assessing and documenting a system's security risks. Threat modelling is a repeatable process that helps you find and mitigate all of the threats to your products/services. It contributes to the risk management process because threats to software and infrastructure are risks to the user and environment deploying the software. As a professional, your role will require you to understand the most at-risk components and create awareness among the staff of such high-risk components and how to manage them. Having a working understanding of these concepts will enable you to uncover threats to the system before the system is committed to code.

Task Instructions

  1. Carefully read the attached case scenario to understand the concepts being discussed in the case.
  2. Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case. Re-read any relevant readings that have been recommended in the case area in modules. Plan how you will structure your ideas for the threat model report.
  3. Draw a use DFDs (Data Flow Diagrams):
  • Include processes, data stores, data flows
  • Include trust boundaries (Add trust boundaries that intersect data flows)
  • Iterate over processes, data stores, and see where they need to be broken down
  • Enumerate assumptions, dependencies
  • Number everything (if manual)
  • Determine the threat types that might impact your system
  • STRIDE/Element: Identifying threats to the system.
  • Understanding the threats (threat, property, definition)