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What is DBMS?

Database Management System is a software application for computers for analyzing and capturing data. It is typically designed to allow the creation, definition, update, administration, and querying of a database. It has not become significant for businesses and organizations dealing in Information and Technology. The subject comprises a wide spectrum of topics.

This computer software application interacts with different applications, databases, and users for performing operations such as update, retrieval, and storage of the information. Data can act as a sequence of symbols that performs various basic functions in the computing field. As, we all know a majority of the programming language we use requires a database for storing data, and that is why it gets imperative for you to grasp this software application along with its utility. Avail of DBMS Homework Help Online from top experts in the field without any delay.

Important Concepts in DBMS

Database Design Process- It is a practical concept that can be understood through a database design case study. The primary step towards understanding this concept is to make UML diagrams for a particular case study. In this given situation, the courses and the students will possess a unique ID along with the course name and the name of the students. Combining all this (student with courses) needs diagrams to understand the database design procedures. Know more about this concept in great detail from the best of the best experts. Avail of DBMS homework help, the USA instantly.

Relational Database- After thoroughly understanding the aforementioned first step, the second step is for the database is to address SQL queries. To understand it at the basic level, the concept, relational algebra tackles with queries concerning database insert, delete, create, and update. For example, for books, to make a database, there is a requirement of a specific tabular format for holding the attributes together concerning the thought process of the database designer. DBMS covers every aspect of the database from design to security. Avail of DBMS Homework Help Online from the best in the field without any hassle.

SQL Query- It makes it easier to make tables. Although the issue occurs when particular conditions have to be fed on the database, for instance, searching for employees’ salary who joined the organization 10-15 years ago, and unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the top five earners’ list. In such instances, you are required to tackle with unions, truncate transactions, joins, etc. Know all about the concept to avoid any confusion while writing your homework. Avail of DBMS homework help USA from top experts.

Concept of Normalization- It forms the base of DBMS. This concept abridges database design making it easier for you to understand. For some cases, normalization makes the database design more complex but in most cases, it is beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, it is. It stands for Structured Query Language and is utilized to store, and manage data in RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). SQL is a standard language for RDBMS. It enables users to read, create, delete, and update the relational database along with tables. All the RDBMS such as Informix, MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle use it as their prevailing database language.

What are the 3 types of Databases?

  1. Hierarchical Database Systems- This model resembles the structure of a tree. It is similar to the folder architecture in our computer systems. The relations are pre-defined between different records, and are in a one to one way, between child and parent nodes.
  2. Network Database Systems- This model also comprises of a hierarchical structure. However, it used a single-parent tree hierarchy.
  3. Object-Oriented Database Systems- In this model, the data is represented as objects comprising various kinds of relations possible between two or even more objects.

Who uses DBMS?

It is used by many organizations and businesses such as in the banking sector for customer information, payments, account activities, loans, deposits, etc.; in the airline sector for reservations along with schedule information; in universities for students information, course registration, grades, etc.; in the telecommunication sector for keeping call records, maintaining balances, monthly bills, etc., and so many more.

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