DEF21115 Certificate II in Military Skills

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About the Course

The qualification course DEF21115- Certificate II in Military Skills mainly allows the attainment of several competencies of skills regarding get recruiting in the military and also working at the entrance level. The individuals would get immediate progress in Certificate 3rd or 4th which they generally choose. For example like health workers, and operators of the combat system. Regarding this qualification, there is no requirement for any license and certificates at its publication time. No requirement for training for this course.

Military experience effectively get consists of several relevant jobs the job experiences are mainly get obtained with the help of several branches of the military-related services. Military skills are important for all due to the reason that it effectively helps the service members in developing several abilities and skills that mainly help in boost up their prospects of a career. With the military skills, the students and others could effectively get able to enhance several skills like, Leadership skills, Effective communication skills, technological related skills, and doing work effectively in teamwork.

Packaging rules of the Course

Regarding the course, there is no requirement for training.

This course mainly get consists of 12 units that are mainly get divided into

  • 3 core units and
  • 9 elective units.

Those who are pursuing this course have to effectively select 5 elective Unit and the remaining 4 elective units would have to gets elect from the packages of training and any endorsed package and any of the accredited courses. All the elective courses for these units that had been selected from several sources must reflect the effective learning as well as the occupational outcome for the Australian Qualification Framework for qualification level.

Core Units of the course


Properly displaying several attributes for the soldier of Australian.


Operating service rifles.


Working in a team.

Elective Units of course

Group A


Properly working with multiplicity and evenhandedness.


Providing some initial responses to the combat wounded person.


Using of personal cover-up and the suppression in the threat environment.


Properly operating the equipment of night flighting


Operating weapons of light support.


Operating provision hand grenade.


Getting operating in the threat-related environment.


Participating in several ceremonial and traditional activities.


Properly operating several communication systems and effective equipment.


Properly demonstrating all the navigating skills within a controlled environment.


Effectively applying several navigation skills that are in the intermediate environment.


Applying basic communication skills.


Properly get contributing towards health and safety for others.


Effectively get communicating in workplaces.


Participating in environmental sustainability work practices


Properly work safely in construction-related industries.


Effectively work in the environment of the public sector.


Effectively get accessing and using several resources.


Effectively get using of several technologies in the workplace.

So, to get complete this course and achieve the certificate of DEF21115- Certificate II in Military Skills the students have to effectively complete both the units that are core unit and elective unit properly so that after its completion the students can get the certificate and with this course, the students would also get to learn about several skills and technologies related to the industries and management.

After completing this course the students can make their career and do the job in several fields like in laborer’s, in sales workers, and communities as well as in-service workers.

The students can also work in several industries like Public administration, Retail trades, etc.

Major benefits of military skills

  • The military services and skills effectively provide several leadership skills. These are as follows.
  • To effectively taking responsibility for self.
  • To effectively make a sound and timely decision regarding anything.
  • To effectively setting one example.
  • Being dependable.
  • To effectively cultivating some abilities to properly get meet with a variety with several challenges.
  • To effectively get able to understand the desired tasks.
  • Having good problem-solving skills and abilities.

Scope of this course for the students

  • After getting completed this course the students would get a certificate for military skills and with this, the students would able to grab themselves in several major fields that mainly include.
  • Effectively applying basic communication skills.
  • With this course, the students would get to know about several technologies and their effective uses in the workplace.
  • The students would effectively get to know how to safely work in construction-related industries.
  • The students would get to know how to access the resources effectively.
  • The students would effectively get able to participate in several traditional activities and also properly applying several navigation skills that are get required in the workplace.
  • The students would get to learn about how to do work in teamwork and also, they could get able to improve their technical skills.


With the above-written article, it could be effectively seen that military skills and abilities are important and the scope for military courses effectively provides several benefits to the students. With the help of military skills, the students could effectively get able to enhance their several skills like, Leadership skills, Effective communication skills, technological related skills, and doing work effectively in teamwork. They would also get to learn about effectively resolving several conflicts. This course has several scopes for the students when the students would effectively complete this course and regarding this, the students have to cover all units of this course that is both the core unit and the elective units so that their course could properly get completed. Several scopes for this course are that the students would get to know about uses of several technologies, how to work safely in the construction-related all industries, the students would get to know about accessing several resources properly and with this when the students would complete and cover the core and elective units of this course, they would learn several things. So, overall, the course DEF21115- Certificate II in Military Skills would be beneficial for all the students who generally pursue this course.

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