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Dendrology Defined in Our Dendrology Homework Help

Dendrology comes from two Ancient Greek words such as dendron and logia where dendron defines the trees and logia is all about the studies. So it is the study of trees. Dendrology is also popular as xylology and primarily the study of taxonomic classifications of plants like trees and shrubs.

Dendrology comes under industrial forestry and emphasizes the interrelationship between the economic and taxonomic characteristics of woody plants. In academics, the USA students mostly go through all the woody plants and native and non-native plants grow in a specific territory.

The sub-field of botany is exclusive to the dendrologists like William A. Dayton and even Ulisse Aldrovandi. In Europe, dendrology includes all the shrubs, whereas, it is exclusive only to the trees in the USA. It is also a part of forestry and handles the taxonomies of trees and identifies the nomenclature, classification, identification, and distribution of the woody plants.

The study and taxonomy of trees are different in tropical countries as compared to the USA or Europe, and it is known as tropical dendrology. Dendrology is a tool that is completely associated with trees study and is a definite guide for identification. Dendrology also classifies the trees with a proper name that helps the foresters to know the trees and their functions.

Principal Objectives of Dendrology Included in Our Dendrology Homework Help USA


The nomenclature of trees helps study the scientific names, common names, and various codes of botanical nomenclature of woody plants. It also helps in accessing the way of naming such trees.


Classification of trees provides a good insight into the families and genera of trees according to their arrangements. Knowing the botanical family names of such trees help in identifying their characteristics effectively.


Identification helps in picking out the unknown tree and the family it belongs to. It also helps in accessing the ways for collecting the specimens for further study and a definite way for effective maintenance.


It helps in learning the distribution of trees according to the climatic zones and their forest types. The distribution also helps in accessing the importance of the geographic distribution of such trees.

The students in the USA learns the nomenclature and classification of all the woody plants under dendrology as a major and also an effective use of the morphological features of such trees. The morphological features as well as detailed habitat info helps in identifying the unfamiliar species effectively. Elements like the leaves, cones, flowers and fruits play vital as morphological characteristics as well as dendrological identifiers.

FAQ'S on Dendrology

What is the Nomenclature of Trees?

Nomenclature is all about the taxonomy division that includes the name of the trees along with their synonyms and perfect rules. There are usually two types of names for every tree, such as the common name and scientific names. The common names are more popular among the people as the names are prevalent and easy to use. On the contrary, the scientific names are long and somehow peculiar.

What are the types of classification of trees?

Classification is all about the division of trees according to their botanical arrangement into families and genera. The classification can be of two types such as artificial classification and natural classification. Artificial classification is a simple and convenient arrangement, and it is not related to their relationships. On the contrary, natural classification brings together the similar category of plants based on their relationships.

What are the categories of Plant Kingdom?

The plants and species of trees come under the plant kingdom group and are categorized as Division, Class, Order, Family, Genus Species. Currently, the plant kingdom features more than 350,000 identified species with a group of 19,000 genera. In the category, the species is the most crucial unit as every plant or tree comes under a specific species.

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