Digital Forensics Assessment answers

BIT362 Digital Forensics

Assignment Overview

For this Assignment, you will create an image of no more than 2GB using ProDiscover Basic or equivalent. This image could be of a USB or a Virtual Machine. Although the tasks are the same you will use different images and files than your peers. Fail to use different files will result in a zero for the entire assignment. Do not use any personal information in the computer image with the exception of your student number. Marks will be awarded based on the sophistication and the difficulties of the forensics/anti-forensics Image.

Your task is to submit a 5-8 minutes video on the following:

  1. Create a notepad file. Write your student number. Open it with WinHex and add your favourite movie title and save it as a new text file. Delete the file with your student number. (2 Marks)
  2. Research Anti-forensics techniques (5) such as Data Hiding, Secure Wiping, Encryption and Misdirection. (5 Marks)
  3. Implement at least five (5) Anti-forensics techniques such as deleting a file, steganography, encryption, bad error segments, etc. Your anti-forensics should differ in difficulties. Try to hide five photos of something that belongs to you (e.g. a ring, bag, phone, etc) and a 30 seconds video you take. Your report should include screenshots of all implemented anti-forensics techniques. (10 Marks)
  4. Compile a video of the above along with your evaluation and recommendations (3 Marks). The video should have your face and voice.
  5. Use ProDiscover Basic or equivalent and take an Image of the USB or Virtual Machine and hand it in, in className.


All used sources must be properly acknowledged with references and citations, if you did not create it. Quotations and paraphrasing are allowed but the sources must be acknowledged. Failure to do so is regarded as plagiarism and the minimum penalty for plagiarism is failure for the assignment. The act of given your assignment to another student is classified as a plagiarism offence. Copying large chucks and supplying a reference will result in zero marks as you have not contributed to the report.