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The Systems Which Form The Core Of Efficient Energy Systems Assignment

Three- Bladed Large Wind Turbines

Large wind turbines are capable of harnessing 27%-30% of the wind energy because of better control and automation. The performance of large wind turbines supersedes the small wind turbines. The reason behind that is the advanced technology of gearing systems, adjustable blades, and in-wind positioning. The wear and tear of large wind turbines is considerably less due to their slow spinning. Their efficiency can be increased by increasing the number of blades but that will an additional weight.

Stirling Dish Systems

For areas with arid climates, Stirling Dish Systems are the answer to an efficient and robust solution. A solar dish in conjunction with a zero-emission Stirling engine is used by this dish system. It does not require any fuel like petrol or diesel.

Multi-junction Solar Cells

The stacking of solar cells on top of each other recorded the highest efficiency. This makes the absorption of photons of varying wavelength easy by the cells. For space applications, where both volume and weight are a major concern, their efficiency is about 44.7%. Currently, they are expensive but they can use concentrated solar power with the use of mirrors or lenses to cut down the cost.

Flat Plate Solar Water Heaters

Copper pipes are mounted on the insulated absorber plate which is covered by a lid made of glass in the design of flat plate collectors. The three parameters that lead to these heaters deliver 70% efficiency is high-quality insulation, selective coating on the absorber place, and low iron glass.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Efficient Energy Systems

What Is An Energy Efficient System?

Energy efficiency is all about utilizing less energy to perform the same task which is the elimination of energy wastage. And, it has a lot of benefits, for instance, the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, lowered household cost, and economical benefits.

How Does Energy Efficiency Save Money?

Utilizing the energies efficiently will mean that the fossil fuels are being burned less and this in turn means that greenhouse gases and pollutants will be emitted less in the soil, water, and atmosphere. This leads to less fuel requirement which conserves the environment.

What Are Examples Of Energy Efficiency?

Using an LED bulb or the Light Emitting Diode bulb and a CFL or a compact fluorescent light in the place of an incandescent bulb for the production of the same amount of light is an example of energy efficiency

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