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What Is Electronic & Instrumentation

Electronic instrumentation is a crucial branch of engineering that deals with different electronics applications along with effective troubleshooting, repairing and maintenance of various instrumentation systems. Electronic instrumentation is instrumental in automating the industrial process and quite essential for manufacturing and chemical plants. The branch of engineering aims for enhancing the productivity, stability and reliability of the industrial system.

Electronic instrumentation includes various field instruments, numerous values for determining and controlling parameters like temperature, flow and pressure, and a different type of sensors and control systems. It is instrumental in the fields of biomedical, chemical, steel, robotics and especially for automating various systems.

Instrumentation Systems

Instrumentation system is nothing but an effective combination of different instruments intended to measure, monitor, and control a specific process. The system provides a numerically measured value corresponding to the true value of the variable. Instrumentation systems can be classified into analog instrumentation systems and digital instrumentation systems. The analog instrumentation system includes

  • A primary Element or Transducer
  • A secondary Element or Signal Processing Unit
  • The Final Element or Output

Primary Element or Transducer

The primary element or transducer receives the to be measured value and converts the same into measured value in terms of voltage, resistance, current or even resistance.

Secondary Element or Signal Processing Unit

The secondary element uses the primary element's output and filters the same for enhancing the effectiveness before sending to the output unit. Elements like amplifiers, converters are the examples of a signal processing unit.

Final Element or Output Unit

The final element is instrumental in offering the value to the user by using the output of the secondary element as input. It can be a CRO or even digital computer.

On the contrary, the digital instrumentation system includes working principles like managing analog data signals, effective measurements, digital data conversion, effective control and programming.

FAQ'S on Electronic Instrumentation

What Do The Students Learn In Their Electronic Instrumentation Course?

The students undergo electronic instrumentation courses to learn the fundamentals of electronics & electrical engineering. They learn the basics of digital electronics, instruments, sensing parameters, final control elements, Programming logic controls as well as process control systems. Instrumentation plays a key role in the manufacturing plants, hence the students studying the same need to be extra vigilant and understand the concepts, so that it will be easy for them to handle unintended situations and system breakdowns.

What Are The Field Instruments In Electronic Instrumentation?

Field instruments are used to monitor and control various processes employing the variables like pressure, flow and temperature. Some of the common examples of field instruments include level transmitters, pressure transmitters, flow transmitter, on/off valves and control valves.

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