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What is Equity Law?

It is a necessary branch of the legal system where equity denotes the rules that evolve from the judiciary administration. Common examples of equity law include instructing someone to do a specific job to prevent the damage or simply enforce a lien. It is also a judiciary judgement of fairness.

The students in Australia cover areas like tort, contract, property and jurisdiction in their equity law course. Students into this course have to conduct in-depth research on the rules, law issues and explore real-world scenarios. The law has its own significance not only in academics but also in law studies.

Equity law is a set of legislations mainly accountable to the English Universal Law. In most cases, it is implemented along with the common law but features the most complicated aspects of the law system. For this reason, we offer the best equity law assignment help in Australia so that you can ease your academic life.

The Emergence of Equity Law

Equity law started in the 13th century to alleviate the inconsistencies in the system of law. At the outset, equity law had lots of conflict with the common law, but over the period, equity law got its significance and even blocked common law to some extent, especially for equitable injunctions.

Common Traits of Equity Law


Injunctions are the legal directives that aim at administrating the enactments and made by the court orders. It requires the associated parties to either engage in the actions or desist from the same.

Specific Performance

It requires the defaulting party to meet their part in accordance with the contract in question and involve in a legally binding contractual agreement for eliminating the chance of contract violation.


It is all about the changes in the contract papers and applications where the contractual differences require necessary revisions of conditions and terms. It ensures the documents appropriate and acceptable to all parties in the contract.

Equity Law in Australia

The non-statutory law system in Australia has two facets Equity law and common law. The common law is applicable for safeguarding the rights of citizens across the country. The common law in Australia started during the colonisation of the British, but that lacked justice and fairness to both parties (Complainants and defendants), and that gave rise to the equity law, which is mainly used to address the injustices in the common law.

Equity law opened up a completely new aspect in the legal system, trust that offers necessary assurance to the equity court to eliminate misdeeds from the parties. It also works for preventing both parties from taking off their shares from the joint property.

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FAQs On Equity Law

What are The Differences Between Common Law and Equity Law?

The equity law has to represent the conscience, whereas the common law deals with the form of actions to bring a case. The remedy of common law for a misdoing is money damage but equity law work on prohibiting injustice and illegal behaviour with necessary enforcements.

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