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Finance Assignment Help

Finance Assignment Help

Avail Finance Assignment Help For Completing Your Finance Homework

Finance is nothing but the study of different methods of management, study, and creation of money and investments. Finance is not only the study of the aforesaid things but it is also accompanied by generally the study of the flow of capital. It is often seen that the uncertainty and risks involved in investment are also checked in this subject. The study of finance is often seen as a very easy subject which in truth is very complex and requires a high amount of mathematics and techniques to deal with. Students often make mistakes while solving various finance-related questions because of their incomplete knowledge about finance.

Finance is one of the most sought-after skills required in the current world because of the numerous business that is present as well as the new business opportunities present in the world. Since where ever money/finance/investment is present, there will always be a need for finance experts, the finance branch of studies is one of the most important branches for any business. As a finance expert, a person is generally seen to be good with numbers as well as logic, also familiar with different concepts of business, and expert in numerous ways to access the value of a project or organization. The students often make mistakes and try to just complete the assignments without understanding the real concept behind it, hence making it difficult for them to perform at their full potential in the future. Students must understand every concept in finance to perform well in their future.

Online Professionals for Finance Assignment Help to Boost Your Academic Grades

As there is a vast curriculum for finance, students often find themselves with a huge amount of knowledge that they have to learn to succeed in their future. Students have to learn a lot of things as well as practice them to learn all by themselves. To facilitate the study of the students and also to check their progress, professors often give them a lot of assignments and projects which are marked according to the performance of the students. Due to these assignments and projects, students face difficulty in completing both, their studies as well as assignments because of the various activities that they have to take part in. Also, the college days of a student is one of the most important time for their interpersonal and other necessary skills to master as they are a must for any students who want to achieve success in their future. These all activities put immense mental pressure on the students which can lead to many issues in their life. To reduce these stresses students generally need a professional who can take care of their assignments and projects so that students can fully grow to their potential and achieve success in their future. Also, a professional assignment helper is needed so that they can score good marks in their assignment which increases the chance of getting better grades in their exams. Now the question arises, whom to choose from the numerous assignments help provider. This question is answered in the next section.

How to determine the best Finance Assignment Help Provider Online?

One can find numerous Finance Assignment Help providers on the internet. Then how to choose the best assignment help provider who one can trust? Well, this section is all about it. A student to choose assignment Help provider who has a lot of experience in providing assignment help to students. Also, the student should choose the experts who have a lot of experience in finance and should prefer some industry knowledge as well. Industry knowledge will guarantee a good assignment as the accuracy required in industry is very high and students should opt for the person who can provide them with the accuracy which is in par with industry standard. Students should also aim to get plagiarism free work as marks can be deducted if the professors find out that students have copied the answer from books or through some materials on the internet. Well, how to find such a good assignment help provider? Well, you are in the right company, we at Assignment Hippo are one of the best online assignment help provider of finance. To know about us more read the next section.

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Students often ask us why to choose us for their assignments. Well, the answer is because we are the leading assignment help provider in finance and have many advantages over our competitors. A few of them are explained below:

  • Highly trained and experienced experts: Our experts in finance are highly trained and have plenty of experience making them optimal for completing your assignments. As we have partners who are experienced faculty members of various colleges it makes them highly efficient and can provide the students with accurate answers for their assignments.
  • No Plagiarism Policy: We believe in unique answers/solutions for every assignment hence we take plagiarism seriously and check for plagiarism more than once to ensure that the completed assignments have no plagiarism ensuring students to be safe from any type of action which may be taken in case of a copied answer.
  • Deadline friendly: We provide students with the solution of their assignment on or before the deadline provided by them so that they can check for any type of format change they want to make their assignment more personalized. This gives students plenty of time to check for the answers and be satisfied by them.
  • 24*7 Customer service: We have all day shifts for the customer service team which enables the students to get in touch with us as soon as they encounter any issues with their assignment. Also, it makes the communication between us fast and reliable.
  • Proofreading: The answers provided by us are read many times to ensure that there is no language error as well as no mistakes in the assignment. This ensures students to score good marks in their assignments.

Major Topics on Which We Have Expertise Finance Assignment Help Services Online

Though we have expertise in all the topics of finance, given below are some of the topics for the reference of the students:

  1. Arbitrage
  2. Capital and capital asset pricing model
  3. Cash flow and Cash flow matching
  4. Debt
  5. Discounted cash flow
  6. Financial capital and modeling
  7. Entrepreneur
  8. Fixed Income Analysis
  9. Gap Financing
  10. Interest
  11. Investment
  12. Money
  13. Return
  14. Risk
  15. Time value of money

Sample Finance Assignment Solved by the Experts

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Proposal Background Cooper Tire & Rubber Company (Cooper) is a large-scale
company manufacturing tyres in the United States. After extensive research and development, Cooper has 
recently developed a new tyre, the SuperTread, and must decide whether to make the investment to 
produce.The tyre would be ideal for drivers doing a large amount of wet weather and off-road driving 
addition to normal freeway usage. The research and development costs so far have totalled $60 million.
The SuperTread would be put on the market at the beginning of next year (Year 1), and Cooper expects it
to stay on the market for a total of four years (from Year 1 to Year 4). Test marketing costing $15
million and R&D costing $10 million have spent (tax deduction on this test marketing cost and R&D 
cannot be claimed) and shown that there is a significant market for a SuperTread tyre.

As the Chief Financial Officer at Cooper, Ginger M. Jones, has been asked by the board of directors 
to evaluate the SuperTread project and provide a recommendation on whether to go ahead with the 
investment. He was concerned with the discount rates used in the analysis, as well as various comments 
he had received from other executives at Cooper whom he had asked to review the proposal. 

Mr. Jones assumes that the initial investment will occur immediately (Year 0), and operational cash 
flows will occur at beginning of next year (Year 1). Cooper must initially invest $150 million in 
production equipment to make the SuperTread in Year 0. This equipment can be sold for $50 million at 
the end of four years (Year 4). Cooper intends to sell the SupperTread to two distinct markets, 
original equipment manufacturer market and replacement market.

1) The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market: The OEM market consists primary of the large 
automobile companies (like General Motors) that buy SuperTread tyres for new cars. In the OEM market,
the SuperTread is expected to sell for $41 per tyre in Year 1. The variable cost to produce 
each tyre is $18 in Year 1. 

2) The replacement market: The replacement market consists of SuperTread purchased after the automobile 
has left the factory. This market allows higher margins; Cooper expects to sell the SuperTread for $62 
per tyre there in Year 1. Variables costs are the same as in the OEC market. 

Cooper intends to raise prices at 1 percent above the inflation rate from Year 2 to year 4 in the OEM 
and the replacement market; variable costs will increase at 2 percent above the inflation rate from 
Year 2 to Year 4 as well. In addition, the SuperTread project will incur $25 million in marketing and 
general administration costs in the first year (Year 1). This cost is expected to increase at the 
inflation rate in the subsequent years (Year 2 to Year 4). 

Cooper’ corporate tax rate is 35 percent. Annual inflation is expected to remain constant at 3.25 
percent over the life of the project. Automotive industry analysts expect automobile manufacturers 
to produce 6.2 million new cars in Year 1 and production will grow at 2.5% per year thereafter. 
Each new car needs four tyres (the spare tyres are undersized and are in a different category). 
Cooper expects the SuperTread to capture 15 percent of the OEM market from year 1 to year 4. 
Page 3 of 3 Industry analysts estimate that the replacement tyre market size will be 32 million 
tyres in Year 1 and that it will grow at 2 percent annually. Cooper expects the SuperTread to 
capture an 5% market share. 

The production equipment would be depreciated using the straight-line depreciation method over 4 years
 to a zero balance. The immediate initial working capital requirement is $11 million in Year 0. 
 the net working capital requirements will be 25% of sales. At the end of year 4, Cooper Tire & 
 Rubber Company (Cooper) will get all working capital back. 

In last year, the Cooper used a 12% discount rate to evaluation a new project, AllTyres. However, 
Mr. Jones believes the overall risk of SuperTread is 2% higher than the AllTyres and requires 
additional 4% return to compensate this perceived risk. Mr. Jones has hired you as a financial 
consultant for Cooper.

You are expected to answer the following questions and resolve any of his other concerns. 

Report requirements: Mr.Jonesrequires you to prepare a capital budgeting analysis to show the directors 
in a meeting to be held soon. Based on the case study, please answer all of the following questions 
in your report. 

1. Using the financial and qualitative information provided in the case, estimate the annual 
depreciation and the tax expenses on selling the equipment in Year 4. (10 marks) 

2. Using the financial and qualitative information provided in the case, estimate the incremental free 
cash flow of this project in each year (from Year 0 to Year 4). Please show all your working. 

3. Calculate the annual depreciation tax shield associated with this project. Please show all your 
working (10 marks) 

4. The depreciation is a non-cash charge. Do you need to consider the depreciation in the capital 
budgeting process? Why? Explain. (10 marks) 

5. Based on the riskiness of this project, what discount rates are you going to use to compute 
the net present value? (10 marks)

6. Mr. Jones had been told that there are various techniques for valuation such as the NPV, 
payback period,and discount payback period, IRR, and PI which all could be used for this project.
He wants you to use all of these techniques and help Cooper make this investment decision. 
Coopers requires the payback period is less than 3 years and discounted payback period is less 
than 4 years. What can you conclude from information these techniques provided. Based on your 
analysis, should Cooper accept this project? Show all your working. (30 marks) 

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