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What is Forestry?

Forestry is the art and science of managing forest products continuously so that the maximum quality and quantity of forest products and services are produced to meet human needs. It deals with managing, logging, manufacturing, marketing, and using wood and its products. There are numerous reasons for managing forests, such as -

  • For the production of timber.

  • For the protection of watersheds.

  • Wildlife conservation

  • Regulation of streamflow

  • General aesthetics

  • Recreation

  • Erosion control

By the changing time, modern foresters are getting more involved in the conservation of soil, wildlife, and water. The forest ecosystem is an essential element of the biosphere. Forestry is an important field of natural resource management, applied art, technology, and science.

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Types of Forests

Forest is one of the best sources for the preservation of water and sustainability. It has divided into different categories based on trees found in different regions. Our experts who offer Forestry Homework Help USA have explained all types of forests below.

Tropical Forest

Tropical rain forests are found around the equator in Africa, South East Asia, and South America. Although the rainforest covers only a small portion of the earth, but it is the house of at least one-half of all the species living on the earth. The temperature of this forest is stable throughout the year. The sub-categories of tropical forest are - evergreen forest, dry forest, seasonal forest, subtropical forest, montane forest, and. Tropical and subtropical coniferous.

Temperate Forest

Temperate forests are found in the next latitude ring in the North East in Asia and North America and Europe. This forest welcomes four well-defined seasons. The temperate forest includes, deciduous or leaf shedding tree that covers the large portion of tree composition, it also includes some coniferous trees, such as - firs and pines. There are many other different species of trees found in a temperate forest, like - oak, birch, maple, beech, elm, willow, etc. The subcategories of temperate forests are - dry conifer, moist conifer, and evergreen broad-leaved, tempered broad-leaved rainforest, and the Mediterranean.

Boreal Forest

Boreal forests are found between 50 to 60 degrees of latitude in the sub-Arctic area. It is also known as taiga. The subarctic zone consists of Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Scandinavian. Trees found in these forests are evergreen and coniferous. This forest examines two seasons, one is mildly warm and moist summer which continues for a short period, and cold and dry winter continues for a long.

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