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Writing a geophysics assignment solution is surely not possible without the in-depth knowledge of the discipline as a whole, along with the special topic that you are dealing with, isn't it? Well, then Let's see what geophysics is all about first. Did you know geophysics is also referred to as earth physics? Well, of course, because of what purposes it serves. As the name suggests, geophysics is essentially the application of physical methods and principles in understanding the sub-surface of our planet. Data collected via implementing physics onto the fields are analyzed and interpreted as a part of geophysics. Applied geophysics, on the other hand, applies geophysics and its interpretation for fulfilling the needs of the society, including the needs for natural resources such as oil and gas, for metals such as Cu, Pb, and Zn, for safe engineering and disposal of waste, and for discerning better the occurrences of the natural calamities such as tsunamis and earthquakes.

Furthermore, geophysics, as a discipline, circumscribes the growing array of science and technology implemented to the discovery, recovery, and management of the world’s natural resources. Several of the world’s geophysicists are employed in the sector dedicated to the search for energy, especially gas and oil. In addition to the exploration of oil and gas, geophysics is used for building work to check the issue pertaining to the bedrock and in archaeology to figure out what lies under the soil.

What role do the Geophysicists play?

The community of geophysicists, consisting of talented and creative earth scientists and engineers, collaboratively applies the expertise and knowledge from various specialties such as geology, mathematics, computer sciences, electronics, and of course, physics, with the primary goal of meeting the needs of the ever-growing society. Geophysicists across the globe, both men and women, work in fields to know more and more about the earth. They also work with some of the largest computer installations around the world, in the corporations of varying sizes, including some of the world's most renowned and respected organizations.

Besides, geophysicists, in search of hydrocarbons, visit the far most corners of the earth using some of the most sophisticated and powerful technologies. Moreover, they acquire data via a variety of creative ways such as, along the earth's surface, in the boreholes, from the air, and in deep seawater. Their data acquisition crews work both on land and at sea, in the forests of Indonesia and Venezuela, in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, in the ranges of Canada and Bolivia, and on top of the Arctic circle, all of which suggest that nowhere on the entire earth is remote for a geophysicist’s search.

With the improving acquisition and processing techniques, the expansion of the computing and imaging capacity, and the enabling of more precise data analyses via implementing new algorithms, the location of oil and gas accumulations under the earth's surface are being interpreted and analyzed with greater accuracy. The search for energy and petroleum geophysics focuses on the extraction of reserves from the existing fields in addition to the discovery of new reserves. Today, petroleum and reservoir engineers are working closely with geophysicists and geologists, to meet the growing challenges.

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