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Referencing is an important part of academic work. Referencing acknowledges the work of authors and writers whose work and information have been used in an individual's works. Referencing list displays the depth of the research work and appreciates the other personality work. Whenever an individual; uses somebody’s information, he /she is supposed to create a reference list honoring their work. The reference allows you to develop work without plagiarism and distinguishes between personal ideas with authors. Reference not only acknowledge the work, but it also creates evidence and support pieces of evidence for the statement stated in the text. It allows the examiner or checker, to allocate the source of the information. Citing or referencing can be done in two ways I.e., In-text citation or Footnotes. In-text, the citation includes Author and date in the background whereas the footnotes display the number in the text and further details but at the bottom of the page.

There are many different Referencing Style and Harvard is the most popular among them all. But it depends on that which Reference style your teacher or university demands.

  • MLA Referencing: The abbreviation MLA stands for Modern Language Association. Modern Language Association is a kind of organization that focuses on the study of language and Literature. The MLA referencing style is used popularly in English Literature, Language, communication, and other religious subjects.
  • Harvard Referencing: Harvard Referencing system is an author-year system that is popularly used in the academic area. Using of Harvard Referencing Style refers to the arranging source citation just after the quote stated. Thus, it directly links to the reference list.
  • APA Referencing: APA stands for American Psychological Association and this referencing style is generally used in professional subjects like business, nursing, IT.
  • Chicago Referencing: It is considered as the Author date style so that citation could consist of the author name and other details. The Chicago Referencing style is generally seen in the subjects relate to humanities like History, Fine arts, anthropology, and philosophy.
  • Oxford Referencing: Oxford Referencing is different from the Harvard and APA style of referencing as it uses in-text citation at the bottom rather than the footnotes. The off feature of this style is that it includes a superscript number in the essay where work has been cited.
  • Vancouver Referencing: It is also known as the author name system where it includes the number of entries in the referred list. Such type of reference styles is common in physical science, medicine. Medline and PubMed use the Vancouver style.


  • To acknowledge others work
  • To support the statement with evidence and proof
  • Indicates the originality.
  • Give credit to the owner of the work.
  • Reflect the depths of the research.
Popular Citation Styles


Use Harvard Referencing STYLE Generator Tool from Assignmenthippo

 Harvard Referencing system is an author-year system that is popularly used in the academic area. Using of Harvard Referencing Style refers to the arranging source citation just after the quote stated. Thus, it directly links to the reference list. The concept of Harvard Referencing was brought in by a zoology professor of Harvard. He devoted the style in which a common parenthetical date reference system which refers to the use of short form because the citation is already put in the actual text. Harvard Referencing System is straightforward, simple, economical and consumes less time and do not uses footnotes. It consists of two types of citation.

In-text citation:  Citations are used when an individual requires to use a direct phrase /data/dialogue directly from the original work. Depending on the text, the intext Harvard citation looks like; “The king died in  …. “ ( Smith, 2000).

In-text, references are written just by the ending of the source information. These are very shorter than the full references. The author's name or editors name can be written in-text citation.

Reference list: Reference list are denoted at the bottom of the page which includes all the citation and the work that has been used in the text. Do not get confused between the reference list or bibliography because the list is placed at the bottom of the text. Like said, a reference list consists of the matter used whereas the bibliography list displays all the sources that have been referred to while preparing the test. Here is the example of referencing list in Harvard style.

Smith, J. (2000). Nightingale Era. New York: Scribner.

harvard referencing styles


There are various types of citation available in today's market but what our mentor or head demands, we need to use the citation. In short, it is a decision of putting your citation in the footnotes or reference list. This article will present the author-year system, popularly known as Harvard Referencing. APA and the Harvard reference style almost serve the same purpose.


As we all are aware, that Harvard works without the footnotes, the source citation in parenthesis comes right after the information used. For example (cf. Stickel Wolf 1017:654).there are many different ways to display the citation and it has various format for every source of information.


Surname, first initial. (year). Title. Edition. City of publication: Publisher

With two authors - Surname, first initial., Last name, first initial., and surname, first initial. (Year). Title. City of publication: Publisher.


Surname, First initial. (Year).  Title. Journal name, Volume, Pages.


Author (Year). Title of web document/page. [online]. (Last updated: if this information is available). Available at: URL [Accessed date: Day/Month/Year].


Surname, First initial. (Year). Name of page. Day/month/year written. Available from: URL. [Accessed: Day/Month/Year].


Name of Film/Video. Release Year. [Type of medium]. Director. Country of Origin: Film studio or maker.


Harvard referencing is straightforward, easy, and simple and does not require the development of footnotes for referencing. Short form of references is used, and it does not require rewriting the reference 2 times but the only disadvantage while using Harvard reference style is that it provides very minimal information and its only restricted with academics writing whereas footnotes display the full reference and proper detail of the source information and gives the exposure for comment reference for further reading the actual text. Footnotes are time-consuming and are very difficult to manage in comparison to Harvard Style of Referencing. Harvard Referencing is appropriate for short writing and footnotes to play a crucial role in the long writing paper and footnotes provide the background knowledge.