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What Do You Understand By Health Psychology?

Health psychology is concerned with the psychological, social, and emotional aspects of an individual for the sake of enhancing the well-being of their mental and physical health. The major three factors that are responsible for the deteriorating health of an individual are social, psychological, and biological.

Social factors are concerned with the degree of relationship between an individual and its family members and closed ones, views on cultural activities and norms of society. Biological condition deals with the genetic chart and the traits that are inherited from the parents or preceding generation on the other hand psychological conditions involve anxiety, depression, stress, and fear.

Health psychology is a branch of psychology that evaluates and states that every individual has the right to attain psychological and medical care regardless of any condition and circumstances. Therefore, professionals in health psychology or a health psychologist are an individual who assists physically challenged people and encourages them to have the quality emotional and psychological state. Health psychology also elevates a healthy lifestyle and also searching out various ways to encourage people for enhancing their physical and mental health.

Here are Some of the Main Objectives of Health Psychology:

  • It focuses on conducting extensive research on identifying social, economic, and cultural factors. Alongside, some other lifestyle and behavior factors that affect the health of an individual. Its target is to change an individual perception about his/her health and lead them to a direction that will encourage them to perceive the required treatment.

  • Promoting health awareness activities which will encourage people to go for health check regularly and apply for treatment procedure whenever in need.

  • Conducting activities to help people live a healthy and stable lifestyle

  • It involves the evaluation of various methods and reasons involved in psychologically affecting an already sick individual and further evaluating the factors so that to help them gain their self-esteem and confidence to enhance the quality of life.

  • Identifying and analyzing how the health of an individual is correlated to his or her emotional and psychological conditions and providing them the needed solutions to nourish the same.

  • It aims to promote healthy living by training and educating health professionals

Health Psychology Applications

  • Arranging a proper meeting between the doctor and the patient so that they can communicate efficiently. It is most frequently seen that patients find it difficult to communicate about their health issues and also talk about their feelings directly with the health professionals. The most common reason for this is considered that patients are not able to understand the medical terms or what health professionals are trying to convey them. In such type of situation, a health psychologist plays a vital role. They can communicate effectively with doctors and the patients as needed and deliver accurate details with the doctor and the patient both.

  • Organizing programs to help patients and encourage them to take their medicines and follow the required treatment prescribed by health professionals. Occasionally it is seen that diseased people knowingly or unknowingly skip their medicine which disturbs their treatment procedure and leads to deterioration.

  • A health psychologist also aims to help individuals to cope with the pain in various parts of their bodies with the help of a combination of therapies and treatment methods. Experts at Assignment Hippo provide homework help that will make you understand all these applications of health psychology with the proper examples and detailed informative solutions.

Fields and Career in Health Psychology

Following are some positions for a health psychologist:

  • Research

  • Health

  • Supervisor

  • Consultant

  • Assistant

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