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What is Hematology?

It is a medical sciences’ offshoot that studies the blood’s morphology along with blood-forming tissues. It comprises blood’s cellular composition, hemoglobin synthesis, blood cell formation, and various related disorders. The parameters of Hematology are used to aid diagnoses along with treatment monitoring.

It studies white and red blood cells along with platelets, their health, relative proportions, and the ailments caused by an imbalance. Red blood cells are very significant as they carry Oxygen and Carbon dioxide whereas; white blood cells are the requisite aspect of our body’s immune defense system. Platelets play a significant role in blood coagulation. So, all cells are important, and they must be available in the right proportions in our body otherwise systems will break down, for example, Anaemia is caused when there is a shortage in our red blood cells, and it can happen from many factors, on the contrary Leukemia happens when our bone marrow produces lots of white blood cells.

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Hematology studies such imbalances and many more. The CBC/FBC test- complete or full blood count- is a significant laboratory test that helps in diagnosing the aforementioned conditions for further treatment.

Importance of Hematology

It diagnoses and manages a broad spectrum of malignant and benign disorders of the white and red blood cells, platelets along with our coagulation systems. Hematologists take direct care of patients by diagnosing serious life-threatening issues like lymphoma, leukemia, or even myeloma that needs chemotherapy. Furthermore, these professionals advise GPs on measures to care for patients at home.

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Some hematologists also specialize in ailments affecting the coagulation system of the blood like hemophilia, while others offer their expertise in the field of blood transfusion or hemoglobin disorders like sickle cell disease.

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What does a Hematologist do?

These professionals work closely with various health professionals comprising pharmacists, GPs, specialist nurses, primary health care workers, etc. Moreover, they are required to perform various laboratory tests along with interpreting results to assist clinicians to diagnose and treat ailments whilst providing assistance to various hospital departments such as intensive care, A&E, special care baby units, operating theatres, and oncology.

They are the pathologists who get blood samples from GP surgeries along with that, they investigate the samples for abnormalities. While some hematologists ensure that safe blood stocks are available when required for blood transfusions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hematology Test?

It studies the blood and its overall health or ailments. Hematology tests comprise blood tests, findings of the blood proteins along with blood-producing organs. Hematology tests evaluate various blood conditions, blood clotting disorders, hemophilia, and leukemia along with the response of the body to chemotherapy treatments.

What is the most common Hematology test?

There are numerous hematology tests such as FBC test, HCT, Mono Screening, Renal profiling, and many more. The most common out of all is the FBC (Full Blood Count) test. It is a routine test for evaluating the three most important blood components: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

What is the difference between Hematology and Clinical Hematology?

Clinical Hematology deals with blood ailments, malignant, and non-malignant. Furthermore, the professionals involved in this department offers comprehensive diagnostic services along with management. They provide care to the patients on the wards along with treating them whereas, hematologists study the blood to diagnose diseases.

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