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What is Herpetology?

The scientific study of amphibians and reptiles is known as herpetology. It is a branch of zoology that includes various cross-disciplines, such as - ecology, physiology, taxonomy, anatomy, behaviour, and much more. It deals with the study of animals, like - frogs, turtles, snakes and iguanas, etc. Herpetologists are zoologists who study these animals and they also focuses on the conservation of these animals. They study the behaviour, genetics, distributions, and development of these species. Scholars learning herpetology need to do valid and comprehensive research on various aspects of the subject. They gather relevant information to carry forward the existing study.

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For developing an in-depth understanding of the subject, scholars need to know the major characteristics of amphibians and reptiles. Our herpetology assignment help providers have defined the characteristics of both species of animals below.

Traits of Reptiles


Reptiles are tetrapods. They generally have four limbs, like - crocodiles or maybe decreased from four-limbed species of animals, like - snakes. They are vertebrate animals and, it is the common characteristic that they share with birds, amphibians and mammals.

Lay Eggs

Most of the reptiles lay eggs and are known as amniotes animals. The female reptiles lay eggs that contain an elastic sack inside which the embryo develops further. The egg sales of reptiles are hard, and some reptiles such as female squamate lizards give birth to their young ones that grow inside their bodies.

Skin is Covered with Scales

Reptiles have scales on their body that are made up of hard plates of the protein keratin. These scales are developed from the epidermis. Also, some reptiles like turtles and crocodiles have scutes on their body that functions similarly like scales but have bony structure. Both scales and scutes provide physical protection to reptiles that prevent water loss from their bodies.

Traits of Amphibians

Unshelled Eggs

Amphibians eggs are mostly in the form of jelly as they lack calcified shells. Some amphibians adapt the method of terrestrial egg deposition while other amphibians like salamanders and frogs deposit their eggs into the water.

Carnivorous Adults

The larval salamanders and tadpoles are filter feeders that only consume animal and plant materials. Whereas all adult amphibians are carnivorous. Also, some amphibians eat invertebrates like earthworms, insects, etc.

Cold Blooded

Amphibians are both terrestrial as well as aquatic, but they all are cold-blooded. They can not regulate their body temperature like mammals. So they depend on the external environment to regulate the temperature of their body.

Breathe Through Skin

As compared to other amniotes, amphibians have primitive lungs. They have large alveoli and some internal septa that do slow oxygen diffusion into the blood. The lungs of amphibians consist of low internal volume. So they cannot process much air like reptiles and mammals.

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