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Hirschberg-Sinclair Algorithm Assignment Help

  • Operates within phases, requires bidirectional ring
  • In kth stage, send own id in order to 2^k processes upon each attributes associated with yourself (directly send and then next processes along with id as well as k in it)
  • If id received, forward if received id more than own id, otherwise ignore
  • Last process within the chain sends a reply to originator that it's id less than received id
  • Replies tend to be usually forwarded
  • A process would go to (k+1)th phase only when this gets an answer through each sides in kth phase
  • Process getting its own id – declare itself ‘leader’

Message Complexity:

  • Message Complexity : O( nlgn )
  • Lots associated with additional algorithms can be exist with regard to rings
  • Lower Bound Result :
    • Any comparison-based leader election algorithm in a ring requires Ώ(nlgn) messages.
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