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HLT21020 Certificate II in Medical Service First Response

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About the Course

This qualification course Certificate II in medical services First Response effectively reflects the role for the medical response of workers or the volunteers who effectively provide the initial and proper care to the patients. These people effectively provide the basic first aid as well as the emergency responses out of the hospital environment as well as in the pre hospitals. Regarding pursuing this course there is not any requirement for the occupational licensing, and for the certification or the requirements of specific legislative at its publication time. This course mainly reflects the various roles of employees who effectively take some response with their major responsibilities. It mainly performs several tasks that may get consists of some ranges for varied activities in which most of the activities are critical, non-routine, and complex.

This course has been effectively getting developed with the workplaces so that the students could effectively get able to develop several skills and roles in various emergencies with the team members, and in the workplace with the officers of health and safety and with the officer of some emergency services. This is an effective and comprehensive course that mainly helps to bring out several pieces of knowledge. This is an effective course in which the students would get able to obtain several pieces of knowledge and hospital skills and this qualification effectively offers the students the entry-level for all emergency-related response team members.

Packaging rules of the Course

This is a course that mainly requires 4 days of classroom sessions with 75 plus classes.

Those who want for pre-course learning for external could get allow for only 4 weeks.

The students who are pursuing this course must get able to complete all 9 units that consist of

  • 5 Core units and
  • 4 elective units

Elective units mainly get consists of:

2 units at least from the elective units

Up to 2 units are get covered under the elective lists or from any other type of Endorsed training or can be accredited courses.

The selection for the elective units’ courses must get relevant with the outcome of the job and the outcome for the requirements of industries and the effective complexities for skills that must get appropriate with the level of Australian Training Framework of the desired qualification. There is no requirement for fees in this course. As this course is mainly get provided in the Australian Apprenticeship so the fees, as well as the duration for each course, generally get differs from each other in all apprenticeships.

Core Units

The core units of the course are as follows.


Getting work with the miscellaneous people.


Properly providing first-aid.


Get complying with preventing the infection and effectively controlling several policies and procedures.


Following all the practices related to safe work and directing client care.


Managing the personal stressors in the work under environment.

Elective Units

Elective units of the course are as follows.


Applying and interpreting all appropriate terminologies related to the field of medicine.


Effectively get work with others.


Get properly work and communicate in effective community service.


Promotion of the indigenous and the Torres straits Inhabitant for the safety of culture.


Working legally and decently.


Proper recognizing of the systems of a healthy body.


Confirming the status and condition of health.


In remote or in the isolated areas properly providing first aids.


Properly providing progressive first aid boxes.


Providing innovative oxygen therapy and artificial respiration.


Properly transporting the patients of non-emergencies who are under the operative condition.


Conducting and handling all manual tasks safely and effectively.

Several major contents of the course

  • Health and safety-related to the workplace.
  • Effectively working with varied people.
  • Effectively recognizing the healthy body systems.
  • Basic terminologies for medical and care for first-aid.
  • Getting prevent from infections and effectively providing advanced care.

Better Career Opportunities for students in this field

This is an effective qualification that is mainly provided to the students in the Australian Apprenticeship and after completing this course the students could effectively make their career in various fields. The students could effectively get able to perform several tasks that are complex and critical. Some of the better opportunities for such fields are as follows.

  • Work, Health and safety officer.
  • Team member of ERT
  • Officer of emergency-related services.
  • Occupational health.

The students after completing their course of Certificate II in medical services could effectively make their career in all such fields and can properly perform their best services and duties.

Pathway of Study

  • This is a type of training that is mainly based on competencies.
  • After completing this course Certificate II in medical services First Response the students would get awarded with the Qualification for Certificate II in medical services First Response as a nationality recognized certificate.
  • This course mainly allowed the students to properly get continue with the knowledge and training of first aid and effectively moving in the direction of advanced knowledge of first-aid with the response training as getting related with the ordinary development.


The course Certificate II in medical services First Response effectively replicates the role for the medicinal response of workers or the volunteers who successfully provide the initial and proper care to the patients. These people effectively provide the basic first aid as well as the emergency responses out of the hospital environment as well as in the pre hospitals. This course effectively helps the students to deal with several situations related to safety or emergency services. This course generally get consists of 9 units and to earn the certificate of this course and to complete the course the students must have effectively complete all the 9 units in this course in which there are 5 core units and the remaining 4 are the elective course. After completing this course, the students make their career in the field of work, health, and safety, ERT team member, and occupational health.

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