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HLT31220 Certificate III in Basic Health Care Assessment Answer

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Health is a state of mind where physical, mental is stable. Medical and health care plays a significant role in everyday life. The essential care system has evolved so much from previous times. Earlier, the treatment and the health care services were also offered with different techniques and methodologies. Earlier there was no medical science, and everything was done by keeping logic and experience. But medical science has brought up significant changes that have made the modern human dependent on the health care system to a larger extend. due to less physical activity and sitting period. The daily life pattern has made the human dependent too much on the essentials system. Medical’s science has become advanced a lot but there are many concepts and phenomena which is still needed to be concluded. Health and medical system have made available hospitals and basic health care systems for the betterment and offering therapeutic activities o the patients. Basic health care centres have made it possible to allow the exposure of medical treatment to every individual. Medical care centres offer a variety of treatment and operated outdoor patient departments. They do not consist of services that can be opt-in a critical condition but they are apt in providing basic health treatment. basic health care services have allowed the different members of the community to take the medical help when needed. Basic health services are the essential services that are being operated to a community at a minimal cost so that they can be implemented which would enhance the interaction with the medical system and the lagged community. These are the results of the public health concerns in the health care system because these are sufficient in empowering the society, multisectoral policy, and minimal care. Many communities in the world are lagged of the basic health care services and still believe to use the traditional method for treatment. Therefore, basic health services have made it possible to reach the community and bring interaction. Basic health services are the right of every individual because treatment is somebody who is deserved by every sick.

The World Health Organisation is an organization which was built by a set of people from different countries and their motive was to provide services and information about diseases and the health care system. Such a system has come into effect because the health care system could bring equitable opportunities for every community across the world. It offers a multi-purpose policy as it allows the people to explore the intervention and its help to promote the method to prevent harmful diseases. There are various people involve in the basic health care centre. There are pharmacists, doctors, nurses, diagnostic departments, and many more. The role of the pharmacist is to regulate the stock of the drug, dispensing, storage, and procuration of the drugs and medicine. They are also responsible for indoor patient medication. The doctor and nurses are directly in charge of the people. The doctor provides the treatment and nurses are generally called the caretaker. They care for every need of the patient and are in charge of providing them medication on the time and making their wish and demand fulfil their wishes. Basic health care systems are also important for decreasing the death rate in the country. The health care system plays a significant role for the country nation as it helps to enhance the population and helps to maintain the mortality rate by offering various treatments. The health care system has enhanced a lot from the past time and with the help of scientists and research, new inventions and discoveries help the medical staff to deal with new and different diseases.


The health care system is one of the most appealing job professions and it is appreciated by every community. The scope of the health care units is very bright and thus one should take part In the course to build a career in the health care department. The course in basic health care is advanced and only focuses on providing better services at the health care department. Many skills and techniques are being taught during this course. The staff is very diligent and advanced and offers the finest education which helps you to improve your knowledge in medical science/. The course involves both formal knowledge and practical exposure. every unit helps to improve the particular aspect of medical science which will require after the completion of the course. There is a various fundamental and elective unit which helps to provide deeper and formal knowledge regarding the course. It is one of the very effective courses that one should get admission in. The salary and increment are amazing and any individual who is interested to secure a position at the medical services can join the course. The previous batch has claimed that the qualification provided at HLT31220- Certificate III in Basic Health Care is one of the finest to secure a career in the medical field and around 78% of the people have got placed while 54% of the people have got the jobs in the assistant and the labour category. One can contact on the link given below for more details


The qualification involves the responsibilities of the medical staff such as doctors, nurses and offering them medical services. Basic health care services are to provide instant first aid and treatment to the treatment and it should also include transportation because usually, basic health care centres don’t provide critical treatment. Therefore, they should be proficient in transferring patients from one place to another. The health care staff take care of every possible need that they might be required. There are pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and assistant caretaker which helps to the patient to recover. The qualification includes the regulation of e Australian Defence force. Teaching regarding industry emergency must be given because workers in the industry tend to fall in an emergency, therefore first aid should be given before any critical wound. There is a total of 11 units which is required to be finished. 7 are core units and 4 are elective units.




Work with different community


Identify different need in health care system


Offer first aid


Take care of the policy regulated by the government


Follow all the safety measures


Work in the healthy and safe environment


Medical terminology


Work well with colloquies


Take accurate measures

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