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HR functions are the subject that comes under the course namely HR resource management and this course helps to gain knowledge regarding the central pillars of any organization. The human resource department is having plenty of activities that explore the wide variety of core functions. Students pursuing masters or higher academic degrees in management are assigned to write an HR function case study. But they nowadays are more inclined towards learning rather than focusing on studies. So, they lack these concepts and fail to secure good marks. If you are one of them who are stuck with your HR functions strategy case study, then you have arrived at the right destination. Our case study experts will help you in completing your HR function assignments and will diminish your burden of university coursework. Assingment Hippo provides the best assignments and five-stars rated academic services so that you can be a topper in your batch and pass your degree with triumph.

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As the students are learning this course, universities want to show their understanding of all the missions of HR there, but are you aware of what are the main responsibilities of HR? We are making this easy for you to understand. HR assignment help experts will provide an insight into the responsibilities which will add a pinch to your assignment.

The department which aims to manage the workforce of an organization is depicted as human resource management. The key responsibilities of this department are an attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding the employees.

  • Attraction- The branding for any employer could be done by showing your company as a great organization or a great place to work. Two terms are important to know which include the customer brand proposition and the other one is the employee value proposition. The former one is used to depict the product or the service offer and the latter one is used to define the organization's employment offer. Human resources management thus works to attract, engage and retain talented employees.
  • Selection- The responsibility of HR is to choose the right candidate for the organization which will help the organization in growing and developing. This is the foremost approach that HR is taking towards the organization to find the right candidate and this is the approach that is required in writing the case study too.
  • Training- the three activities are covered under the training and development which are training, education, and development. Training is being given to the hired employee to do their job more easily. Education is focused on the job domain and development is that introducing employees with various activities on which organizations are employing the individuals.

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Below are some tips for the students to know the right approach for case study

Tackling Case Studies: a Step-to-step Guide by Our HR Assignment Help Experts

STEP 1- Choosing the topic

Some of the commonly chosen interesting topics include training and development of personnel, the problem faced by HR in a company, compensation management for the success of the company, employee satisfaction by workplace motivation as well as maintenance of organizational culture as an initial step of success.

STEP 2- Analysing the rubrics and the requirement of the assignment

It has been noticed among the students that they do not go through the assignment rubrics and requirement files carefully. They just look at the file at a glance and start doing the case study. No! This is the wrong approach! Our HR assignment help experts state that it is vital to understand the essence of the task and thus in doing the assignments of the students our experts always familiarize themselves with the essence of the requirement.

STEP 3- Preparation of the Assignment

The student should take into consideration these points-

  • Identification of the main problem in the topic context
  • Questions that are suitable for analysis
  • Tools using for the case study solving

STEP 4- Data processing and data analysis and interpretation

The best way to analyze the observed answers in the case study is to present them with SWOT analysis and statistical data interpretation. This will help in impressing your professors as by this methodology all the data that are collected from the interview will be represented crystal and clear.

STEP 5- Analytical instruments and theories

The elements of the case study should be properly referenced. Referencing should be appropriate in academic writing as this will help the students in gaining marks.

Some tips are given by the experts regarding adherence to the structure of the case study-

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Background information
  • Alternatives
  • Solutions
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion

Here’s an HR functions strategy case study sample

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