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HTML, or "Hypertext Markup Language" is a language that is used to create internet-accessible web pages and web applications. HTML produces electronic documents (called sites or pages) that appear on the World Wide Web. Every page has a set of links to other pages, called hyperlinks. The technology was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, at the dawn of the World Wide Web. The language allows developers of websites to tell an internet browser how to view elements such as images, text, forms, and interactive functions.

INTRODUCTION to HTML by HTML Assignment Helper Experts

HTML is a computer language used to design and develop websites. This computer language uses a series of keywords and signs, which allow you to control and organize the flow and sequence of every item within a website and is easy to understand. HTML is the "Mark-up Language" acronym. A web-site can consist of various elements such as images, photos, texts, graphical images, or links, as in the case of concrete containing the bricks to build an HTML framework the virtual concrete keeping and arranging all the elements that allow this unit to be shown on the Internet browser as a Web-site. Every website that we see on the Internet uses one version or the other of HTML code. The HTML code ensures that the text and pictures are appropriately designed to enable your user to view them. The user will not be able to show the text as objects, load images, or other elements without HTML.

HTML was developed at the CERN research institution in Switzerland by the physicist Tim Berners-Lee. Hypertext implies a text that includes references (links) to other texts that users can automatically navigate and read. Hypertext means a text that involves ties to texts. The first HTML edition, made up of 18 HTML tags, was released in 1991. Every modern HTML language version has since come to the markup utilizing new tags and attributes.

USE OF HTML by HTML Assignment Help Experts Online

  • Design of the web pages: HTML is commonly used to build websites viewed throughout the world. That page includes a collection of HTML tags that include hyperlinks to other sites. On a worldwide website, each page you experience uses an HTML code format.
  • Online document development: Internet document production and its basic concept are governed by HTML through tag and DOM i.e. model object documentation. HTML tags or phrases to identify their type and position on the website are added before and after. There are three parts of a web document: name, text, and core. The header contains the text, the title, and any other significant keyword to define the item. The main part of the web site noticeable to the user is the title on the browser bar and body area. The use of HTML tags constructs and generates all three pieces.
  • Web browsing: This is one of the most innovative HTML implementations. The definition of hypertext can be used for such navigation. It's simply a document that points to another website, and you'd be heading to the site or link when you click on it. The use of HTML for hyperlinks within web pages is strong. A user can easily navigate between websites on different servers within the web pages.
  • Data Entry compatibility for HTML: Default HTML5 and collection of APIs can be used to enable work-level data entry. When the HTML5 specifications are adopted by browsers, developers may simply add the attributes to the tag specifying required fields, text, data type, etc. Many additional features have been created for HTML5 to power on-screen keys, authentication, and other data entry interactions so that end-users can have better data entry.

ADVANTAGES OF HTML in HTML Homework Help Services

  • HTML is open for everyone: One of HTML's biggest benefits is that It's cost-free and There's no need to purchase specific software. Everyone can learn Html. Now, you can configure your website easily.
  • Easy to understand and use: Easy to understand and use HTML; no previous knowledge of any language is required. you'd have to learn basic English. Anything web developer learns about HTML. This language is for programmers of basic use.
  • HTML is easy to modify: HTML is easy to edit language. It needs no forum whatsoever. Html is composed in Notepad and Notepad++, and so on.
  • All browsers support HTML: HTML fits all web browsers. Most browsers are accepted than any other language of programming and therefore the web site built on HTML is not a concern. It is also easy to code with HTML.

DISADVANTAGES OF HTML in HTML Assignment Help Online

  • Write a large amount of code: Html is easy to write than other languages. But to create a simple web page, it took a lot of words.
  • Take a lot of time: Html is easy to type but writing a web page took a lot of time.
  • It was difficult to identify mistakes: it wasn't available when you were writing a basic webpage. The mistake is hard to identify.

CONCLUSION of HTML for HTML Assignment Help Services

HTML is the universal language for web development. HTML helps you to format text, add icons, create connections, input types, frames, tables, and so on, and save everything in a text file that any user can read and view.

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are a pillar of internet technologies. Tags and attributes are the base of HTML. The later version which is HTML 5 lets not only build static web pages but also to execute functionality using HTML5.

Sample of HTML Assignment Solved by The Experts

Create a web site on the topic of your choice. Here are few examples; your hobbies,
web site for your work, family web site.
Minimum requirement
	Create at least 3 web pages consisting of a home page plus 2 other pages linked to
	the home page. Each page must have a title within the "title" tag. And in the
	section below each web page title, create a comment with your First name and Last name.
	The home page should be named index.htm with a background image or background color.
	In any of the web page add three appropriate external links to outside web pages related
	to your topic.
In home page (index.htm) include:
	1.	One image that is a link
	2.	Ordered or unordered list.
	3.	Example of a class applied to the tag.
In one of the web page create a two-column Layout (Fixed or liquid) with following components
	•	Header
	•	Navbar or sidebar
	•	Main content area
One table in at least one of the web page with a minimum of two columns and two rows,
include a colspan or a rowspan.
Create a form in one of the pages. The form should contain labels, at least one text field,
one text area, radio buttons or checkbox and submit button.`}