Frames in HTML

The browser window can be divided into various parts where individual part can display a different HTML document. The group of frames in a browser window is frameset

Frames disadvantages

  • Certain web browsers do not support web browsers
  • little devices do not support frames
  • It will be different on different screen resolutions

Frame Creation

To create a frame < frameset> tag is employed instead of < body> tag

It denotes the way of diving window into frames

It has 2 attributes rows and cols where rows specifies horizontal frames and cols specifies vertical frames

Individual frame is represented by the < frame> tag which specifies the frame should open a HTML document

The various attributes of < frameset> tag

rows, cols, border, frameborder, framespacing

The various attributes of < frame> tag

src, name, frameborder, marginwidth, marginheight, noresize, scrolling and longdesc


frames in html img1


frames in html img2

Another Example

frames in html img3


frames in html img4