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"During 384–32 b.c., many Greek naturalists along with Aristotle possessed extensive knowledge about fish biology. Later on, until the end of the 19th Century, many advancements were made in taxonomy". More findings and developments were made by every passing year. Now, ichthyology has become one of the major branches of zoology. Scholars are getting more inclined towards learning more and more about aquaculture and marine conservation.

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An Overview of Ichthyology

Being an ichthyology scholar, you are aware that this subject is the branch of zoology that focuses on learning about fishes and aquatic life. It includes taxonomy, biology, conservation of fishes, commercial fisheries and husbandries. This branch of knowledge has economic importance as fishes are the main source of food for humans. We can find fishes in every water body, from the deepest ocean to the stagnant waterhole. There are more than 22,000 species of fishes known till date. Among other branches of zoology, ichthyology is considered to be the more intricate branch with a huge variety of subjects. From eels that look like snakes to bony fishes, from all cartilage and no bone, like - shark, to jellyfishes, we various spices in fishes in ichthyology.

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What Are The Different Classes of Fishes?

Around half of the vertebrates on the earth are fishes. They have a large group with various characteristics. Based on their physical features and the type of skeletons they are divided into three different classes by scientists. Our ichthyology assignment help had described all the three forms below.

Jawless Fishes

The earliest forms of vertebrates were the jawless fishes. Only about 60 species of these fishes are still alive. Skeletons of these fishes are formed of cartilage and they don't have scales on their skin. These fishes neither have jaws nor fins like other fishes. The mouth of these fishes is structured in such a way that they can scrape, suck and stab. Lampreys and hagfish are two varieties of jawless alive now.

Cartilaginous Fishes

Rays, skates and sharks are cartilaginous fishes. Just like jawless fishes, their skeletons are also made up of cartilage. These fishes have pairs of fins and jaws. Also, they have pointed tooth-like scales on their body. Cartilaginous fishes are carnivorous.

Bony Fishes

Bony fishes are the most familiar fishes among all. About 95% of fish species belong to this class. These fishes have the ability to live in fresh as well as saltwater. Some fishes of this group are tuna, goldfish, trout, etc. They have scales on their body and gills to breathe. They have pairs of fins that help them to stay upright and balanced in the water. The fins also help them to swim.

From evolution to the present condition, ichthyology scholars should have an in-depth understanding of all these classes of fishes. While solving academic assessments taking online ichthyology assignment help is necessary because you might not remember everything about these categories. Also, it is essential to have an understanding of the general characteristics of fishes. Our ichthyology assignment help experts have described some features of fishes through an infographic given below.

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