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A few popular Information Technology courses offered in the UK are Advanced Computer Science (MSc), Communication Design: Information Design Pathway (MA), Computer Science (B.Sc. Hons.), etc. All these courses cover tasks like writing assignments, online examinations, and quizzes. These assignments come with a specific time period and the tasks must be completed and submitted within this time if not, students might be penalised or lose grades. To avoid such penalties, either submit the task as on or before the last date of submission or avail IT dissertation help who assure to provide complete assignment with 100% accuracy.

Assignment Hippo is offering IT dissertation writing service to students by a pool of certified IT dissertation experts who have years of experience in writing dissertations for UK universities and institutions. The dissertation is a type of paper written by students pursuing Masters or Ph.D level degrees as per the details and guidelines which increases the chance to score top grades. Moreover, one needs to have good academic skills and knowledge of the subject’s concepts like programming practices and practices, virtualisation platforms, enterprise data storage, advanced user interfaces for OS like Windows and Linux etc.

Popular Topics for Information Technology Dissertation Assignments

In today's world, the field of IT plays an important role when we talk about privacy, infrastructure, and security. Various institutions are offering online, part-time and full-time courses. In every course, you have to write dissertation papers. The first step where most students get stuck in a dissertation topic is in selecting the appropriate topic. Thus, our IT dissertation expert has listed the following topics for those students:

Social Media Privacy

Social media is one of the competitive markets. There are some apps and plug-ins which use GPS location and single access sign-on present unique security concerns to customers. Many social media platforms require grant access for user's personal information which includes publicly status updates, shared pictures before using their services. Users innocently agree to their terms and conditions which creates the issues for the insecurity of data and privacy.

Information technology is a subject which deals with such cases and develops tools and software to maintain the user's privacy. Students studying information technology courses can choose social media privacy-related topics for their dissertation. In case, if they find any issues to write their assignments, simply contact our IT dissertation expert.

Workplace Monitoring

At the workplace, privacy has always been a major concern. As technology develops, the organisations are utilising various inexpensive equipment like security cameras and motion detectors and employee internet usage. Now the question arises is how secure are these equipment? etc. Students are required to pick similar topics for their dissertation. More details can also be gathered from our experts offering IT dissertation services in the UK.

Mobile Security

Mobile security has a lot of hot topics for your dissertation. A few of the topics are related to cracking passwords, detecting malicious software, attacks based on communication, virus attacks for software application and more. While writing a dissertation on such topics, students must identify the solutions to overcome them without harming their devices.

BYOD program

BYOD stands for bringing your device support. In this program, employees use their own devices to conduct business within the organisation. Doing so, takes the company to the insecurity of data because of malware and virus attacks, leakage of information etc. While writing a dissertation for BYOD program topics, students need to provide recommendations for such security breach. Also, they should follow the accurate format and structure of the assignment.

Ideal Format for IT Dissertations

As discussed above, the dissertation paper must be drafted as per its structure and guideline. The ideal approach to prepare a dissertation is:

  • Write the abstract
  • Include the introduction of the paper
  • Conduct a literature review
  • Explain the methods used for research
  • Research findings
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • References & bibliography

It has been seen in the past that preparing assignments as per its structure, format and marking rubric enhances the chances to score maximum grades in the assignment. Therefore, adhere to the guidelines of assignments while writing an academic paper.

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