Multimedia in JavaScript Assignment Help

Multimedia in JavaScript

Multimedia is more than one media. Media include text, audio, video, images etc. Multimedia files are supported in Javascript using navigator object. These multimedia files are called as plugins. The browser supportable multimedia files are contained in plug in array. Each plug in has some properties such as name, file name, description, mime types.

Name – It specifies the name of the plug–in

File name-It the executable file installed for the specific plug in

Description-Hints about the plug-in

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Mime type-(Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension)-It specifies which type of plug-in is this.

The following program illustrates how to display the plugins supported by the current web browser.


Javascript multimedia img1


Javascript multimedia img2

27.1 Adding Multimedia files though Java scipt

<embed> tag

To embed audio, video, images files into current web page.




<object> tag

Object tag is also used to embed audio, video, images files into current web page.

<audio> tag

<audio> tag is combined with < src> tag




In the above syntax controls attribute specifies whether the controlling options to be displayed or not

<Video> tag

< video width="350" height="275" controls="controls">
< source src=”film.mp4" type="video/mp4">
< /video>