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What is a Journal?

A journal is the most primary step of recording a transaction and looking at the dual effect of a transaction on two accounts. In other words “A journal is the primary book of accounts in which transactions are first recorded in a chorological order that is as they are entered into.” It is only through journal that it becomes even possible to review the effect on any transaction on the business.

Some important terms in Journals:

  • Journal entry - entry recorded in journal.
  • Journalizing - process of recording a transaction in journal.
  • Posting - transfer of entry to a ledger account.
  • Ledger - it is a book containing ledger accounts.
  • Opening entry - it is the first entry passed in the journal book, accounting for closing balances of the last year.

Components of Journal

  1. Date: date of transaction is entered into this column.
  2. Particulars: in this column the journal entry is recorded showing the double effect of a business transaction, the accounts affected by the transaction. The debit of an account is often signified by the usage of the word “by..” and the credit of an account is signified by the usage of the word “ to..” .
  3. Ledger Folio: in this column, the number of ledger papers is written to which the amount is posted in ledger.
  4. Debit Account: the amount to be debited is entered into this column in front of the account being debited.
  5. Credit Account: the amount to be credited is entered into this column in front of the account being credited.

Characteristics of a Journal

  1. Contains day to day transactions.
  2. Transactions recorded in a chronological order.
  3. It is a book original entry as the transactions are first recorded here and then posted in the ledger.
  4. It utilizes the double entry book keeping system to record transactions. It bifurcates transactions into debit and credit according to the functioning and nature of transaction.
  5. Shows complete detail of a transaction in one entry.
  6. Journalizing of entries in journal is called recording journal entry.

Simple and Compound Journal Entries

  1. Simple journal entry: in this type only two accounts are affected by a transaction that is one is debited and one is credited with equal amount.
  2. Compound journal entry: in this type of entry in which two or more accounts are debited and one or more accounts are credited or vice versa.

Now let’s understand how to record journal entries in a Journal or the process of Journalizing through an Illustration.


From the following transactions, pass the necessary Journal entries in the books of Daniels & Co.

Date (2016)Particulars$
Jan 1Commencement of business80000
Feb 5Purchase of goods25000
Feb 20Sold goods30000
May 10Purchased goods from Sandy18000
May 25Sold goods to Wilson40000
June 15Cash give to Sandy18000
June 28Cash received from Wilson40000
Aug 2Purchased goods for cash from Sandy19000
Aug 29Withdrew for personal use1500
Oct 10Purchased goods for Emma17000
Nov 20Cash paid to Emma
Discount allowed by them
Dec 31Paid salaries12000



Date (2016)ParticularsL.F.DR($)CR($)
Jan 1Cash a/c
To Capital a/c
(being cash bought in for capital)
Feb 5Purchases a/c
To cash a/c
(being goods purchased for cash)
Feb 20Cash a/c
To Sales a/c
(being sales of goods for cash)
May 10Purchases a/c
To Sandy a/c
( Being purchase of goods from Sandy )
May 25Wilson a/c
To Sales a/c
(Being goods sold to Wilson )
June 15Sandy a/c
To Cash a/c
(Being cash paid to Sandy)
June 28Cash a/c
To Wilson a/c
(Being cash received from Wilson )
Aug 2Purchase a/c
To Cash a/c
(Being purchase of goods for Cash)
Aug 29Drawings a/c
To Cash a/c
(Being cash withdrawn for personal use)
Oct 10Purchase a/c
To Emma a/c
(Being goods purchased from Emma )
Nov 20Emma a/c
To Cash a/c
To Discount
(Being Cash paid to the extent of $16800 to Emma and he allowed discount of $200)
Dec 31Salaries a/c
To Cash a/c
(Being salaries paid)

Opening entry

As we arefamiliar with the practice of closing of books of accounts at the end of every accounting period and starting the new period with a set of new books of accounts. Closing balances of last year become the opening balance of the current year. Therefore, the first entry is the carrying over of last year’s balance into the new year through an opening entry. “While passing an opening entry, all asset accounts are debited and Liabilities accounts are credited.”

Advantages of a Journal

1. Reduces the Possibility of Error: The possibility of errors is reduced as the amounts to be debited and credited are written side by side and the two can be compared to see if they are equal. If they are recorded directly it may be have errors as wrong amounts may be written wrong.

2. Provides an explanation for transactions: the narration accompanying the journal entry helps to understand the entry better later.

3. Provides chronological record of all transactions: as we see that journal entries are posted in a chronological order hence journal enters records permanently as they happen according to time.

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