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Linear programming is a type of assignment related to accounting which requires a mathematical approach to allocate limited resources among different activities. Many time, students get confused in writing their linear programming assignment because of the technique used in writing such assignments.

The linear programming assignment help experts are well-versed with the techniques such as contribution margin, maximize revenue and profit function and minimize a production cost subject to constraints.

Comprehensive Topics For Your Linear Programming Assignments

Linear programming is known as one of the complex but important areas in the field of accounting and statistics. Students enrolled in this field of study must have to be well-versed with the following topics. They are -

  • Integer programming
  • Duality
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Linear Programming
  • The Simplex Method
  • Non-linear programming
  • Pivot Operation
  • Objective function
  • The equilibrium theorem
  • Activity analysis
  • Optimal Assignment problems
  • Maximum and Minimum analysis
  • Applications of linear programming
  • Transportation Problems
  • Inventory control problems
  • Production scheduling

Get Resolved Your Assignment Problems By Linear Programming Assignment Expert

The linear programming assignment help experts explain assignment problems as a special type of issue related to linear programming. Students can face a lot of trouble in resolving such problems but no need to worry because linear programming assignment help is now available online by Assignment Hippo. Here the experts have resolved assignment problems by using simplex and transportation methods.

Sample For Assignment Problems:

Methods To Solve Assignment Problems (Linear Programming)

This assignment problem has recently been solved by our linear programming assignment expert by using Hungarian Technique. Following are the steps involved in this process:

  1. In order to solve the above problem, you are required to mention the lowest cost element in from the first row of the cost table. After this, subtract the smallest element from each element of the cost table. Now, you will get at least one zero in each row.
  2. After following step 1, you must begin from the first column and in each column mention the lowest cost element. Then subtract the lowest element from each element of the cost table column as we did in the above step. Again, we will get at least one zero in each column as a result in reduced cost table.
  3. Further, the linear programming assignment help experts have drawn a horizontal and vertical line to cover all zeros in the matrix. Read the below-given procedure to understand it clearly:
  • Tick mark (?) all the rows which are free from any assignment.
  • Tick mark(?) the columns which are equal to zero in the above ticked marked rows.
  • After this, make a tick over the rows which are not marked and have the assignment.
  • At last, draw straight lines that must pass through unmarked columns and rows.
  • In case, if the number of lines drawn in the above steps is equal to n then it will be the optimum solution. If not follow the next step.
  • As per the linear programming assignment help experts, you are now required to choose the lowest element from all the uncovered elements. Now, the smallest element must be subtracted from uncovered elements.
  • At last, you are required to again follow the process beginning from step 3 till the rows become equal to columns.
  • The above-given are the approach that a student can follow to prepare the above linear programming assignment. There are different variable and equation arrays which determine the constraints or conditions of the subject. The glitches that university students normally face are mentioned-under:

    • Unable to understand the context and how to formulate programming issues from it.
    • Finding the linear programing feasible zones which create problems.
    • Usage of graphical method in linear programming assignments
    • Understand the method like slack variables.
    • Include simple method using tables.

    Finding solutions to the above given issues need in-depth knowledge, research skill and hard work where students often lack. With an aim to complete student’s assignment on time, Assignment Hippo have launched linear programming assignment help. With the help of this service, students studying in Australian colleges can resolve their problems easily. Till now, our linear programming assignment experts have produced errorless assignments for few complex topics such as proof of simplex algorithm and duality theorem, simplex method using multipliers, finiteness of simplex method under perturbation, variants of simplex algorithm, geometry of linear programs, pivoting, vector spaces, matrices and inverses, price concept in linear programming, games and linear programs, classical transportation problem, optimal measurement and other distribution problems and transshipment problem.

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