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MATLAB is one of the subjects is used for multiple purposes in the field of engineering. Primarily used for electrical engineering, this software can be used for electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering as well as software engineering. It is generally used for technical computing and is a very high-performance software. The software was developed by MathWorks and is the company that generally deals with the license of the software. The software has many upgrades over the years which has made them even better than what it was a few years ago. Since it is a programming software, it tends to be difficult to use as not students are good at programming. This software needs the user to be a bit proficient in programming as well as mathematics to be able to perform any calculations on MATLAB. A few of the basic operations that can be performed in MATLAB are matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementing algorithms, user interface creation, and also the integration of programs of other languages, etc. This software is a very powerful tool in the hands of a good programmer of MATLAB. Let us know more about MATLAB in the next section.

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Like all programming languages, MATLAB uses variables and constants for programming. Also, in MATLAB, programmers tend to use Vectors and Matrices for programming various mathematical models for the work. MATLAB is fairly advanced and it can be used to perform almost all the properties of matrixes such as indexing of matrixes, transposing of matrixes, finding the identity matrix, etc. Like other programming languages, MATLAB can be used to store different data types as it supports structured data types and can be easily manipulated to get the desired results. MATLAB can be used to create a function that can be incorporated in any other programming language. MATLAB can also be used to produce an Object-oriented program which is very useful in daily life programming. One of the specialties of MATLAB is its use in plotting graphs which can be either 2 Dimensional or 3 Dimensional. Programming of the various user interface is also much easier in MATLAB in comparison to other programming languages. With the use of various logic gates, MATLAB can be used to produce various circuit designs and can be tested using MATLAB. Overall MATLAB is one of the best software that can be used in a variety of environments.

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MATLAB Assignment Help

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MATLAB Sample Assignment on Image processing Solved by Assignment Hippo Experts

In this assignment, you will create a larger program in MATLAB using a combination of scripts and functions. The program you need to build is a simplified library in MATLAB. The library will only store books and information about the books. You will need to perform specific actions as you progress through the assignment.

This assignment is broken down into steps where each step is awarded marks towards your final grade.

Read all the steps before designing or writing code. 

You need to put some time into thinking about what is/are suitable ways to write your programs. You have the flexibility to use any number of scripts or functions in your assignment based on your design, except where it is specifically mentioned in the question.

You will find Chapter 6 in the course textbook very useful in approaching this assignment. E.g. functions, subfunctions, and debugging. You may also find chapter 7 on string manipulation is useful. Also, you may want to read about cell arrays in chapter 8.

Always think back to lecture 2 where we talked about separating your program into inputalgorithm, and output. Think about what each of these should be before writing your code.

Step 1 : Creating a book (2 marks)
Write a function that will create a book with a title, author and number of pages.
For example:
{'>>'} {'create_a_book('MATLAB 101', 'ATTAWAY CALMS', 115)'}
ans =
The result from the above example creates a string separated by commas (,). You may choose any suitable delimiter.

Step 2 : Displaying a book (2 marks)
Write a function that will convert one of your books into a nice format and display it on the screen. Each of the
attributes, title, author and number of pages should be displayed.
For example:
{'>>'} {'display_book('MATLAB 101, ATTAWAY CALMS, 115')'}

MATLAB Assingment Help Question Answers by The MATLAB Experts

book = struct.empty;
count = numel(book);
a = input('What would you like to do: ', 's');
while ~strcmp(a,'quit')
  if strcmp(a,'add book') == 1
      count = count + 1;
      book(count).title = input('Title: ', 's');
      book(count).author = input('Author: ', 's');
      book(count).pages = input('Number of pages: ', 's');
      fprintf('%s, %s, %s has been added to the library \n', ...
          book(count).title, book(count).author, book(count).pages)
  elseif strcmp(a,'list books') == 1
    elseif strcmp(a,'count books') == 1
        disp( numel(book))

        disp('Options are ''quit'', ''add book'' , ''list books'', ''count books''.')
    a = input('What would you like to do: ', 's');