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MEA30318 Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing Assessment Answer

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The aircraft industry is one of the demanding industries in the upcoming times. It offers various applications as it is used for transportation, traveling, export and import. Airplanes are capable of transferring heavily loaded material from one place to another. But it also comes up with maintenance tasks and service which opens up a variety of fields and professions for the individuals to choose from. Aircraft maintenance requires a set of tasks to perform fr the well-functioning of the aircraft. Services and the maintenance of the aircraft include overhaul, inspection, replacement, modification, defect rectification, and compliance with aircraft. Additionally, repairing is also a segment that equally stands important to the aviation industry because running aircraft tends to get defect from time to time. Therefore, both the repairing and the maintenance have opened up the aircraft maintenance. Maintenance of the aircraft is crucial because it helps to ensure the passengers and the pilots offer a secure and safe journey. Aircraft also plays a significant role in the defence industry. The national civil aviation nation organization ted to cooperate with the International civil organizations in terms of the terms and norms. And some officials are in charge of taking a careful inspection of the airplanes and craft for their functioning. The maintenance of the aircraft is checked by using several packages which takes a specific time. These packages are divided into several tasks to avoid the burden and minimize the time taken for the maintenance of the craft. The task included in the packages can be divided into several tasks which can be divided among fellow members. Several programs are efficient in the maintenance of the aircraft. One such significant programs are power by the hour which minimizes the time at services and provide better techniques and method to carry out services. It reduces the usages of a loaner while repairing and it has been observed that when the parts have the lesser number of components and then they tend to fail, aircraft have better liquidity and better value. The term was brought by the Bristol Sidelley which provides better services and allows the jet and planes to work for a longer period. The significant department which is devoted to the aviation industry is life support where individuals take care of the life-supporting equipment. This equipment stands very crucial while flying because disasters can happen, therefore, life-supporting tools and life support are necessary for their survival. The department of Life support innovation uses a bunch of technologies to offer security and safety to the passengers and the pilots. And this department plays an important role as it is very important to keep a check over the aircrew and specifically who is in military aviation. The services and the tools allow the passengers and the member of the aircrew to survive in the critical time when the aircraft faces a tragedy with crash, accident, and malfunction. The qualification in the aircraft life support and the furnishing will train the individual to offer a better future. There is a lot of career opportunity in the department of the life support and furnishing. Ll, the methods and techniques are taught under the officials and keep the guidelines of the Australian Defence Force. There are few responsibilities that one would have to hold after the competition of the aircraft life support and the furnishing. The individual would take care of the aircraft seduces and apply furnishing methods. And they will handle the support equipment for flight jacks, helmets, masks, and other tools for life-supporting events. The individual would help in the support and management of the equipment and other tool calibration and in the act of replacing items.


The qualification is sufficient to offer all the help and techniques which will help them to work in the life-supporting and furnishing department of aviation. The course would offer you the skills and the experience that one must possess. The certificate III course in aviation will guide the candidate to grasp the ability to work in a team and allows better communication. Better communication leads to satisfactory customer focus and allows they will learn about the testing equipment and the tools used for the support calibrations. They will be guided about the explosive ordnance storage and learn out the factors include in-stock systems. The major being=fit can be taken by the candidates as there is no extra qualification and documentation is required for admission in the course. The qualifications allow the candidate to build the identification capability for various electronic maintainable management and they focus on the defence experience as well. There are certain units that candidates must complete to complete the qualification. The qualification will give you a brief idea and techniques to follow up in the aviation career. The government also supports the aviation course that why they are offering a scholarship to the extremely enthusiastic individuals who aspire to work in the aviation industry. The aviation industry offers directly and indirectly to the world. Going through the records and previous candidates, it has been found that why were satisfied with the faculties and learning techniques. The course helped them to offer them a crucial study which was very significant. Arounf67% of the candidate got involve and found the course satisfactory. There are various other skilled programs that one can join to attain skills. One can contact you at the link given below for more details.


The qualification includes the terms and conditions provided by the Australian Defence Services and the employment sector of the Aircraft Maintenance organization. These two organizations are in charge of taking care of the aircraft and offering them better services. The qualification offers some elective units and the core units which provide a basic and the core knowledge in the support equipment and the furnishing. The unit offers technical knowledge and units include several subjects which offer pyrotechnics safety and inspection. The skills also focus on the sewing, trimming, and use of adhesive. The qualification has a total of 21 units where 9 are the fundamental knowledge and the 12 are elective knowledge.

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Trimming vehicle components (Note: Do not study this unit with MSFUP3012)


Selection of the best material for the safety and trim fabric and material


Application of the adhesives on the fabrics (Note: Do not study this unit with MSTTF2008)


Work under the safety and healthy environment following the proper work ethics


Proper packing of the harmful substance


Unboxing of the harmful explosive substance and explosive


Deification and inspection of the harmful explosive


Testing various aircraft tools and equipment’s and then performing a basic test for the surety of the working of aircraft components and equipment


Performing the aircraft services and militance


Removing and installation of the pneumatics system component


Removing and installing the pressurized aircraft’s structural and non-structural components (Note: Do not study this unit with MEA317)

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