MEA60418 Advanced Diploma of Aeronautical Engineering Assessment Answers

MEA60418 Advanced Diploma of Aeronautical Engineering

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Aeronautical Engineering is a trending brand in the engineering field that attracts many students with different interests in flights and jets with their mechanism. The job description of an Aeronautical engineer is to construct and devise an aircraft and its systems along with other responsibilities over time. The education system refers to different factors which include economic and social to construct public schools at the national, state, and community levels. These factors include funding from the public, facilities in the schools, staffing facilities, benefits to the employees, resource requirements for teaching, and compensation. The Australian education system is said to be a highly structured and prestigious system in education. This is why students from different countries are trying to be a part of this renowned education system. This article will take you through the information required to decide on your studies of your choice. Despite a government or any other private sector, the complete education system in Australia follows the regulations laid by the Australian curriculum, evaluation, and reporting body. The education system in Australia is governed and regulated by the education minister (Dan Tehan). Australia has a well-established education industry and includes the majority of schools and universities from which maximum are so ancient. The education system in Australia is a billion-dollar system that contributes around 5-6% of their GDP. The very good thing about their system is it is mandatory to provide education to a child whose age is 6 to 16 years.

Role of basic language to get a good aeronautical university

Language is a very important part of human interaction and connection with each other. Different species have different ways of communication in their ways. Humans are the only species that communicates in cognitive language. Language helps in sharing different ideas, thoughts, expressions, and emotions with the other person or group. To build a society and community language plays the most important role in bringing people together to form a group and later society. Along with the benefits it has side effects on society as well. Constructing a civilization without a language would not be possible. Through language, only human life has evaluated themselves from the stone age to today which has science, technology, and art, etc.

What is the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF)?

This educational framework in Australia is an integral part that has a link with all the different levels of schools, universities, and other institutions (VET). Together these institutions form a national education policy. AQF was introduced in 1995 as an act that included all the educational institutions and form a set of required things and goals to help is demonstrating and splitting skills and the educational capabilities of a student.

MEA60418 Advanced Diploma of Aeronautical Engineering
  1. Primary education: It includes early-stage education to a child between 6 to 7 years. This type of institution is known as primary schools and kindergarten.
  2. Secondary education: This type of schooling is provided after the completion of pre-school. The students enroll themselves for secondary education which runs for 3 to 4 years accordingly. The classes are from 7 to 10.

After secondary education, there is a short duration for giving senior education which comprises classes 11 and 12. This is included in secondary education itself.

  1. Tertiary education: This type of schooling is provided after the completion of schooling education. Students can opt for their choice of interest to take any subject and pursue further studies from universities or VET institutes. It includes under graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral programs.

Description of the qualification

The application of the qualification to students employed in senior professional engineering and managerial positions in both the field of Australian Defence Force and Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulatory fields of engineering management and aeronautical engineering. Many positions are filled by candidates who have prior work experience.

Type of Units


Core Units


Elective Units




Contents in the package

Demonstration of the Advanced Diploma of Aeronautical Engineering competency incomplete 28 or 31 units which are separated into 24 core units and 4/7 elective units.

Core units




Maintenance of aviation industry specifications and manuals


Management of own self in the environment of aviation maintenance


Application of computers in aviation industries


Application of work health and safety practices


Communication of maintenance and technical management knowledge in aviation industries


Organizing and planning the maintenance of aviation work activities


Application of quality standards during the maintenance activities


Technical publications writing in aviation


Documentation of maintenance activities in the aviation industry


Basic skills and practices in the maintenance practices


Testing and selection of the materials and equipment in aeronautical engineering


Electrical test equipment in aviation activities


Application of scientific techniques and principles


Repairing and fabricating process and components


Application of aeronautical modeling for computer applications


Production of graphics related to aeronautical engineering


Structural designs techniques

Elective Units



Guidance to selection


Management, modification, and maintenance of the systems in aircraft



Technical advice in the management and maintenance of aeronautical and aircraft product



Management and development of programs to manage and maintaining errors



Investigation of technical aspects



Setting up systems of aircraft

The requirement of Certificate IV in Aero skills


Program tasks management and maintenance



Application of basic aircraft power plant designs

The requirement of Certificate IV in Aero skills


Application of basic designs in aircraft

The requirement of Certificate IV in Aero skills


Evaluation of control systems in flight

Following employment field


Evaluation of gas turbine engines

Following employment field


Control systems of rotorcraft evaluation

Following employment field


Evaluation of piston engine plants

Following employment field


Evaluation of hydro-mechanical systems

Following employment field


Evaluation of structure of aircraft

Following employment field


Engineering projects coordination


Application of advanced calculus methods to technology-related queries and problems

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