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Are you a science student doing masters or doctorate? If it is so, you will have to write a thesis or dissertation for the completion of your master's or doctorate. While writing your dissertation or thesis, you will have to do research, literature review and different types of works like assignments, essay writing, case studies, etc.

Whatever you do you will have to take the help of research of others' work. For this, you will also have to give credit to the respective person's work by giving citations and references of his work in your research work. If you do not know how to cite in Harvard style, there are tools called Harvard referencing generator from which you can take the help to generate Harvard references. Likewise, you can use the MLA referencing generator to generate MLA references.

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What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid it?

Are you pursuing your master's or doctorate program and working on your thesis or dissertation? If it is so, then you might be referring to the works of others or you must be taking the help of online articles or journals or the government websites facts and figures.

Doing so, you must cite and do roper referencing and give due credit to the work of whom you are taking the help as your source. The dishonest practice of copying other's work or taking the help of other's work and not referring his work in your work is called plagiarism.

It is a punishable crime. To avoid the issue of plagiarism, you must do proper citation and reference of the owner's work for which there are different types of referencing methods are available. Some of the methods are the MLA referencing method, Harvard referencing, APA referencing, NLM referencing, Chicago referencing, etc.

Different types of referencing have different uses and they are used in different places and different universities demand different types of referencing styles. By doing proper type and by using the correct style of referencing you can escape from plagiarism issues. If you don't know how to do proper referencing some websites are the reference generators like the MLA referencing generator, APA referencing generator, Harvard referencing generator, etc.

What is MLA Referencing Style?

MLA referencing style is a referencing style that the Modern Language Association has developed. It is a referencing style that is most commonly and most widely used. There are many language courses and literature courses and many language courses that use this referencing style. Since this style is very famous, many other subjects also use MLA referencing style.

This referencing style is mainly done in the case of liberal arts, literature or language works and also in the case of subjects of humanity. Till now, there have been eight versions of MLA referencing and the 8th version is the most updated version of this referencing. There are different types of formats for different types of sources. An example of referencing of a journal article is given below:

Name of authors, name of journal and year of publication - Dianer. Bridges-Richard Davidson-Peggy Odegard-Ian Maki-John Tomkowiak - Medical Education Online - 2011

Name of journal - Interprofessional Collaboration: Three Best Practice Models Of Interprofessional Education

For website - https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.3402/meo.v16i0.6035

Name of journal - Interprofessional Collaboration: Three Best Practice...

Why the MLA citation and referencing is better than other citation and referencing styles?

The problem with other citation styles is that there is a difficulty in finding every bit of information just by having a glimpse on the citation. The advantage of using this citation is that it gets easier than other citation and referencing styles to locate the names of the authors, the year of publication, journal in which the article was published and the title of the paper separately.

This helps you and other users to get all the small piece of information that you or they need. So the MLA referencing and citation is far better than any other types of citation and referencing style. So, I would suggest you that you must use this citation and MLA referencing generator to cite your work.

Which Referencing Style to Use in My Paper or Research Work?

It is already and mentioned above, that there are different referencing styles. It depends on your professor that which referencing style is to be used. It also depends on the type of work that you are doing. Basically, the MLA referencing guide is generally used for the literature work, language work and also for humanity works.

But recently the MLA referencing guide and mainly the eighth edition are used in various other subjects as well. It is well-advised that first, you must confirm which type of work you are going to do and which type of article you are going to choose. Different referencing styles are used for different purposes like for medicine NLM citation is the best. Chicago referencing is also used for humanity subjects and the arts and literature subjects.

What is the correct order of contents in the MLA citation and referencing style?

The correct order of using the contents of the MLA referencing guide is as follows:

  1. Author
  2. Source title
  3. Container title
  4. Other authors
  5. Version
  6. Number
  7. Name of publisher
  8. Date of publication
  9. Location of the article or news or any other source.

There must be a corresponding punctuation mark after every content that is mentioned above in the list.

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