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Mole Concept Assignment Help

Before starting with the mole concept, the use of mole concept and the reason behind its origin, let us get a brief introduction about what chemistry actually means and what importance does it holds in our life. Is chemistry we just something we learn theoretically or it has some use in our day to day life. To learn the answers to the following questions, continue reading. In this article, we aregoing to discuss some of the very basic definitions of chemistry and relate the same to mole concept and its applications.

Overview: Chemistry is the domain of science which allows us to study the substances, the reactions they have when mixed with different kinds of substances, the matter and the things around us. This specific branch of science helps us understand what are the things that we so reluctantly use, that that surround us all, are made up of, how do these substances behave in different circumstances. The basic meaning of chemistry is a compilation, this means we study the things that constitute the matter around us. The curiosity of people in the field of chemistry when one of the scholars questioned what matter is made up of. To this people answered the basic definition of matter, which meant anything that occupies space and has mass is called matter but, the real question is what matter is made up of. This was a tricky question to the scholars because nobody knew what the matter was made up of and since, at that time, the technology was not so advanced that they could use microscopes in order to look deep into the objects to find out what they are actually made up off. It was then suggested that when we break a piece of any substance into the smallest particle that is possible, they named it as Atom and since then it has been proved time and again that each and everything in this universe is composed of certain number of atoms could be small that it is invisible through on a kid I and technology is like an electron microscope is required to look through the atoms. And we defined as a Basic building block of matter. Just like the human cells in our body, are used in number so the atoms in an object.

Mole Concept Assignment Help

Mole concept: mole concept can be defined as the most basic unit for the measurement of any substance at the molecular level. Now from reading the above article, we areaware that, since it was discovered that all the matter in this universe is made up of atoms and molecules, the next question that was put up by scholars was what the weight of an atom is, is it different for different type of molecules of different substances or is it same and these were the kind of questions that would put the whole discussion room into a chaos since everyone wanted to give an opinion and wanted to have listened. It was then finalized by a theory by John Dalton where the actual mass of one single hydrogen atom was considered to be the SI unit of atomic masses. Most of the scholars tried to decline on the story because they said that this type of quantity does not have any dimensional and hence it is pretty useless but the votes came out in favour of the theory. Another big concern at that time was, how do they count the number of atoms in a given molecular substance. The reason for counting the same was to calculate the weight of a single atom. At that time, it seemed to be an impossible task because people were not able to see the atoms and how do they expect to count them or weigh them using the traditional methods, if they can't see them. This question remained in the discussion for many years until a solution was provided. The solution came from a person named Avogadro who provided the branch of chemistry with Avogadro ’s number. This magical number was the result of rigorous calculations and tests over the years. It was a number that was used to represent the mass of a certain element. Just like we use abbreviations for words like century which means hundred or a dozen which means 12 or a fortnight that means 14 days, same is the case for molecules wherein the atom, the total number of the molecule it contains are the atomic number multiplied by the Avogadro number is the total number of atoms present in that very mass of the element.

When any substance contains the same number of molecules as there are present in 12 gram of carbon isotope, that is known as the molecular. mass of that element. In short, that 12 g of carbon is what is said to contain the total number of molecules, atoms which equal to the Avogadro ’s number. In the above definition, we read that the total number of molecules in an atom equals to the atomic weight multiplied by Avogadro ’s number and the above statement proves the same because the atomic mass of an element is same when compared to 12 g of carbon isotope.

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There are a number of applications that can be done with the help of the mole concept and the Avogadro ’s number. Since we areaware that Avogadro’s number is a what makes this calculation easier, some of the following practical uses of the same are provided below:

  1. It may be used to calculate the number of atoms in a given substance’s mass.
  2. it can be used to calculate the molarity of a substance.
  3. Find out find out the mass of a substance from a given number of molecules.
  4. It helps in making the concentration of different substances much easier.
  5. It makes the calculations more precise which help in preventing and chemical catastrophe.

We hope that this article helped you add to your already existing knowledge in the field of chemistry and mole concept.

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