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Networking and network security are some of the terminologies that should be known by everyone who studies or uses computers. They are important and can help in improving the understanding of computer system. To begin with, computer networking is the interfacing of many computers to share data. A computer network is basically made up of at least two computer devices. Since computer networking is a diverse activity, it can be grouped into categories based on its geographical coverage, design, and approach. Meanwhile, network security means any activity or policy aimed at protecting the computer network from any threats like unauthorized denial of a computer network, use, access or theft. Such threats can be caused by idle scan, wiretapping, ARP poisoning, cyber attack, DNS spoofing and others. Students often look for network security projects & assignment help owing to the complex nature of these topics.

CCNA, on the other hand, refers to Cisco Certified Network Associate. This is an associate-level certification issued by CISCO. In order to establish your career as a well-rounded network engineer, CCNA is an absolute must. CCNA is one of the certifications that were recently introduced by CISCO FOR CCNA Routing and Switching issued after a successfully passing the ICND2 (200-101) and the ICND1 Exam (100-101). Cisco offers five levels of network certification, CCAr (Cisco Certified Architect) being the highest accreditation. The below image depicts the Cisco certification track; these are the most generalized certificates and different specialisations are offered at all these levels.

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It is the desire of every organization to protect their data from outside attackers, who pose great threats to the operations of various companies. Network security has become an essential practice that must be implemented to ensure that an organization’s services are not compromised and internal data is never leaked. At ‘Assignment Hippo’, we have well-trained networks assignment help experts who are professional writers dealing specifically with network security. Our network security projects & assignment help writers are not limited to C/C++ and the usual classroom networking assignments, but they are also capable of thinking from a hacker’s point of view and therefore, they can identify and understand the intentions of network attackers.

At Assignment Hippo, our professional writers are very familiar with the authentication procedures such as one-factor, two-factors or three–factor. Any network security assignment which involves the use of username fingerprints or retinal scan as part of authentication procedures can be handled very comfortably by our network security assignment experts. Our certified experts hold comprehensive knowledge on a plethora of networking and network security topics like wide area network, virus, format string attack, business benefits of network security, network security management, CISCO career certification and others.

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