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Paediatrics is a branch of medical science that is specifically dedicated to deal with healthcare and disease management for infants and adolescents all the way to the age of 18. As a paediatrics practitioner, one has to diagnose and cure both behavioural and physical conditions that affect children up to the age of 18. As paediatrics, one is trained to treat and diagnose a wide array of disorders and illnesses that can range from minor health to issues to major complications and non-curable diseases like Diabetes, Lupus, IBS and more.

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Pediatric Nutrition: Discussing Challenges in pediatric nutrition

Balancing pediatric nutrition for little ones can get extremely challenging. The dietary needs of children change rapidly as they grow. For example, a mother’s milk can suffice an infant’s dietary requirements, but still, research suggests that adding some essential fatty acid supplements and probiotic supplements to the diet of babies can help them grow faster and stronger.

Child obesity and unhealthy eating is a significant problem that is growing across the world, as unhealthy foods are wildly available as well as more satiating than their healthy alternatives. Managing Pediatric obesity does not only require physical management but also a cognitive behavioural correction to train children to learn to dismiss temptations and choose healthy eating habits instead.


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Immunity Development

As we have shifted to relatively safer and cleaner environments than our ancestors, our immunity has decreased manifolds for a variety of reasons. Kids with low immunity face multiple challenges and complications while growing up and it becomes hard for paediatrics to manage them. Only tough and sturdy offsprings get to live as per the law of natural selection of nature but as healthcare has improved and mankind has developed relatively sterile environments, infants with low immunity manage to survive the initial phases due to external medical intervention at the time of complication or due to relatively sterile environments available to an infant at the time of birth. However, when these infants grow, they get exposed to multiple and unprecedented circumstances where they can catch infections and flu easily.

It has also been seen that as children are exposed to less hostile environments in their infancy, their bodies fail to develop crucial defence mechanisms to identify different kinds of pathogens and develop innate immunity against them.


Smith, R. T., & Eitzman, D. V. (1964). The development of the immune response: Characterization of the response of the human infant and adult to immunization with Salmonella vaccines. Pediatrics, 33(2), 163-183.


Our body’s innate immunity is supposed to help us all protect against the pathogens that we encounter in daily life. According to a report, an average human encounters approx 1,000 different kinds of pathogen daily. Our immune system fights most of them off before they could harm our bodies. Our immune system is very efficient for the majority of times, but sometimes, it may not be able to prevent us from certain infections like influenza, pneumonia, and other bacterial/viral infections as these pathogens are equipped to overwhelm the immune system.

Primarily, the pathogens that can harm us are the ones that our system fails to identify. Vaccinations teach the immune system to recognize a pathogen and prepare to fight it in advance as a prophylaxis measure.

Planning vaccinations for paediatrics is a complex and time-consuming process. It can get tricky in cases where a child is born with birth defects like Diabetes Type 2 and Lupus.

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Edwards, K. M., Hackell, J. M., Committee on Infectious Diseases, & Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine. (2016). Countering vaccine hesitancy. Pediatrics, 138(3).

Common Diseases

As immune systems of children develop, children keep catching an infection of a viral fever about an average of at least once a year till the age of twelve in the developing countries. As children grow out of an infection, they develop immunity to those infections for a lifetime unless and until they encounter a mutated strain of a virus. However, chickenpox, diarrhoea, measles, mumps, food allergies and Rubella are some common diseases that mostly affect infants and toddlers.

However, vaccines against these infections have been developed and all of these diseases can be preemptively treated.

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