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Have you ever spent your time thinking about dinosaurs? Trying to figure out what did they look like or what did they eat? For some people, the job is exactly that! Yes, we are talking about paleontologists. However, this special group of scientists, known as paleontologists, doesn’t just study dinosaurs, they learn about all kinds of things that lived a really long time ago, including reptiles, mammals, plants, and the tiny extinct bacterial species. And studying that as a college major can sure be exasperating at times. However, if you are having any sort of trouble completing your paleontology homework, need not panic, because Assignment Help Era has for you the most hassle-free paleontology homework help USA has witnessed till date. Our easy accessibility is what makes us the first choice of USA scholars to seek assignment assistance. So, if you are struggling to get the best paleontology homework help, your struggle is over now.

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According to our experts, knowing what you are going to deal with helps you encounter it in a better way. So, let’s understand what paleontology exactly is first. Although dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, the paleontologists look for the clues that dinosaurs and other extinct animals left behind. Surprisingly, there are plenty of clues they have left for us. You guessed it! Their fossils. Fossils are the remains of animals and plants from a long ago that slowly became preserved in rocks. Fossils can be an animal’s bones, teeth, and shells, or the imprints of old leaves. These can also be rocks holding other clues to what life was like in the past, for instance, an animal’s footprints, or their fossilized fecal matter.

What does a Paleontologist do?

Paleontologists are experts at reading the clues they find in all kinds of fossils to find out more about the historical life on earth. Moreover, they have already learned about the extinct trees and flowers, which lived millions of years ago and have even found bones of some of the earliest known mammals. Hence, of course, if it weren't for fossils, we would not even know that dinosaurs existed in the first place. If the paleontologists find enough bones belonging to an extinct animal, they can them out together to find out what that animal looked like, and finding an animal’s teeth helps them figure out the eating habits of the species. Furthermore, just knowing where the fossil is buried also gives scientists a lot of information, for instance, if paleontologists come across a layer of rock with a lot of the same kind of dinosaur fossils in it, that might mean that the dinosaur species was gregarious while it was alive.

Before scientists can study paleontological evidence, they have to find them first, haven't they? That is why these scientists spend lots of time digging for clues, using tools such as picks, shovels, and even big diggers to unearth their finds. Upon finding a fossil, paleontologists take it to their laboratories to study its insides, using certain technologies such as X-ray machines, CT-scanners, and more. They can even make use of computer technologies to see what the plants and animals may have looked like while they were alive.

The importance of paleontology is usually underrated. However, fun their work might seem; the paleontologists have a really important job. Together they are working to solve the huge puzzle of life on planet earth, of which every new fossil is another new piece. Additionally, paleontological facts help us to discern how plants, animals, and the earth itself have changed over the past years.

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