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The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines palliative care as “an approach that is centred on bringing improvement in the quality of a patient’s life and their families by following certain preventive measures. It is also characterized by identifying the illness at an early stage and treating all the associated pain effectively”.

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What Is Palliative Care Nursing?

Nursing is considered one of the noblest professions in the world. This paves the way to hundreds and thousands of students wanting to have a career in this field. ‘Palliative’ is a broad term in nursing that focuses on having a holistic approach while delivering safe nursing care to patients.

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For this, we first introduce them to the actual features of palliative care nursing. These include:

  1. Providing relief and relaxing the patients from chronic pain
  2. Enhancing the quality of life
  3. Addressing all the requirements of the patient and his/her family
  4. Not intending to postpone death
  5. Bereavement
  6. Integrating the aspects of spirituality and patient care

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What Is The Difference Between Palliative Nursing Care And End-Of-Life Care?

In the last few years, we have noticed how students get confused between the difference between palliative nursing care and end-of-life nursing care. The curiosity to know both of these imperative concepts are crucial for writing assignments and achieving stellar grades.

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The differences between these are explicit and significant for nursing students to know as the entire decision-making process is dependent on them. So, the following are some of the points that distinguish both of these terms.

Palliative Care Nursing

End-of-life Care Nursing

It involves treating those patients who are facing serious diseases, wherein, curing it is not possible.

It is a portion of the palliative care nursing that usually lasts for the last six months of life.

The purpose of Palliative Care Nursing is to control those of the symptoms that can progress in the future.

This domain mainly focuses on the improvement in the quality of life, simultaneously offering aid for the matters concerning legal rules and regulations.

Several dimensions are included in this such as managing symptoms, psychological needs, and looking after the social and spiritual needs of the patient as well.

The primary goal of end-of-life care nursing is to enable patients to die with dignity.

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