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Environmental Factors That Are Considered During Pavement Design

  • Rainfall and Drainage: The amount and extent of rainfall that causes soil erosion and seepage into the earth, replenishing water table, has an effect on pavement integrity by softening the sub - grade and base and sub-base levels. Shrinkage and inflammation of fine soil particles, as well as a lack of subgrade supporting strength, can be caused by changes in the water table.

  • Frost Action: As the temperature drops below freezing, water in the soil cracks solidifies, causing frost heave beneath the pavement. In addition, as temperature increases, water starts to melt, reducing the subgrade holding strength. When the conditions are not conducive to adequate drainage in winter, freezing activity is possible with soils of fine particles.

  • Atmospheric Temperature Variations: The efficiency of a pavement can be affected by seasonal fluctuations in atmospheric conditions, both long-term and short-term between day and night and winter and summer.

  • Subgrade Strength and Drainage: It is impossible to overestimate the role of subgrade tension in the construction of high pavements. Since any distortion of the subgrade is immediately transferred to the surface through the upper pathways, the subgrade's bearing strength must be guaranteed to prevent flexible pavements, particularly bituminous surfaces, from failing.

  • Material Characteristics: Soil or earth, particularly subgrade soil, fine aggregate, granulated aggregates, binders such as bitumen, tar, cement, and other miscellaneous ingredients make up pavement content. The engineering composites are crucial in determining the density of pavements and the path underneath them.

  • Reliability Considerations: The ‘likelihood' that any specific destruction or distress to the pavement will stay within the allowable amount throughout its life span is referred to as ‘reliability.' This inevitably includes a level of "confidence" that the pavement can provide adequate service throughout the design phase.

  • Economic Consideration: Generally, it must be addressed during the design phase as well, with the form of pavement chosen, resources available, traffic factors, and the project's significance. It's crucial to use the right building techniques. If money is a restriction, the stage-construction technique can be used.

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Traffic-Related Factors That Influence Pavement Design Process

  1. Wheel load of different types of vehicles, axle load, and wheel size are all factors to consider.
  2. Vehicle pressure
  3. Speed of the vehicle
  4. Road safety considerations
  5. Vehicles' damage in any case
  6. Single wheel load
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